I'm in Puerto Rico this week, and yesterday I visited the Arecibo Observatory, the biggest single-dish telescope humanity has constructed. Owing to failing science budgets, an administrative disdain for Puerto Rico, and hurricane damage, the visitors center is now their single biggest source of income. They'll let almost anyone observe if they're able to cut a check, starting at just $500.

@interneteh It really is. The staff are doing their best to keep everything in good repair. Just a little bit of money and work and it could be a world-class instrument again.

@Zuph it’s incredibly sad what’s happened there. When I was a kid and got to go there on field trips, it was getting put in movies and was a showpiece: now . . .

> the biggest single-dish telescope humanity has constructed

That makes me wonder whether there is a biggest single-dish telescope which was not constructed by humanity, and it makes me a little bit sad that I will probably never know…

@daniel_bohrer Well, the arc of interstellar history is very long! There's a chance some future non-humans will beat us. Maybe they'll even hear our distant past.

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