Right now I'm excited about: The notion of starting a grassroots WISP with my little extended network of friends.

One of my friends is living at one of the highest points in the city, and pretty centrally located to all our other friends, but we'd still have to build at least a 20m antenna tower, and her property isn't big enough for a guyed tower.

Add on to that, I'm not too keen on tower climbing, and there are not many self-supporting, hinged-base 20m towers available 😞

Which is also to say, if anyone knows of any self-supporting, hinged-base 20m antenna towers that can handle a 3 sq ft antenna load in a 90mph TIA/EIA 222 wind zone, hmu

@Zuph rohn seems to make some products
Their hinged base isn't rated for self support but it also has a bracketing option (whatever that means, but sounds promising. 10' stubs with bolted brackets or w/e)

Could be worth talking to sales?
Found a 50' for 1.5kusd on Amazon to give an idea of price
Looks bolted together too, so your welding skills need not be tested


@electroCutie that's not a bad idea. They sell a couple hinged towers, but they're very expensive! Maybe I just need to get over my fear of tower climbing πŸ˜‚

@Zuph I mean, it seems like the forces involved while lifting the tower could get fairly wild. That's scares me a fair bit
At least with climbing the moment to moment is predictable?

Be safe!

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