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Hello World

I'm Brad, 31, he/him, in the US Midwest, and an engineer working on cool space hardware.

Stuff I like and am good at:
- Electronics
- Embedded Programming
- Cooking
- Hiking
- Tabletop Games

Stuff I like and am getting better at:
- Knitting
- Sewing
- Web Programming

Stuff I want to do:
- Start a commune with all my friendos
- Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

Residents of Richland were warned away from political organizations, particularly those engaged in civil rights or liberties.

“Any well-meaning group could be a Communist front” - 🙏🏻 Lord let it be so.

These were the CNT's membership figures from its foundation in 1911, to the year after the revolution in 1937.

@starwall @Wewereseeds
Alt colour schemes for the solarpunk flag made by Starwall.

Just playing with the colours on my phone. Will have a mess around with the GIMP sometime when I get the chance.

(This should also tell you how extremely into reassuring head pats I am)

I'm in it for the crumbling platform where every single Favorite feels like a reassuring pat on the head from a good friend.

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Okay, getting to be the 4th person ever to see concrete samples cured in Moon gravity makes up for some if the stuff I've got to deal with at work.

My #solarpunk also includes space exploration. Think the Belter culture from the Expanse books or the Areophany from the Mars Trilogy.

On the one hand, biodiversity loss is a major issue, and when you’re talking about losing plant species you’re basically on the road to losing whole ecosystems. Every species is intrinsically worth saving, for its part in the greater whole.

On the other hand, I do despair of a world in which we have to motivate people to fight biodiversity loss by warning them that we’re running out of coffee (or chocolate, or wine, or bananas, or whatever people feel they can’t live without).

We’ve hit Peak Everything, people. Moderate your fucking consumption.

Me: Help, I'm having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and I'd really like to get up earlier!

Friends: Have you tried going to bed earlier?

Me: Absolutely Not.

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Before I die I hope I make friends with a crow.

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I just commissioned and worked with @starwall on a #solarpunk flag. These are a few iterations I enjoyed seeing the most. Please feel free to boost, download, and share across whatever you like.
If you'd like higher def versions, please contact me or starwall.
Shoutout to @socalledunitedstates for the base flag inspiration.

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