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Hello World

I'm Brad, 31, he/him, in the US Midwest, and an engineer working on cool space hardware.

Stuff I like and am good at:
- Electronics
- Embedded Programming
- Cooking
- Hiking
- Tabletop Games

Stuff I like and am getting better at:
- Knitting
- Sewing
- Web Programming

Stuff I want to do:
- Start a commune with all my friendos
- Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

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@Wolf480pl things like making it stupidly easy for non-geeks to file bug reports, and tightly integrating the issues tracker with the code repos, are a major part of what makes GH, GitLab etc useful. A federated system that doesn't do this is simply *not* a GH replacement, useful as it may be to a tiny minority of back-end engineers @alcinnz@floss.socia @sir

Considering taking a Spanish class at a local language learning school. I've tried Duolingo before, but it just didn't take.

Anyone have tips for picking up a language when there isn't necessarily anyone (relationally) close to you who speaks it? (Especially wrt Spanish)

NASA: All payloads must pass sharp edges inspection before being permitted CoFR, where a "sharp edge" is defined as... ROSCOSMOS: 👌😂🗡️

If you think that releasing open source software puts you above criticism because the critic can always fix it themselves, do the world a favor and shut your project down.

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Brain: eat
Me: okay, what shall we make?
Brain: no make
Brain: only eat

Have you ever been so horny on main that you designed the Sagrada Familia?

Sewing Rebellion; a handful of anticapitalist groups providing sewing lessons and support. Looking to expand

#SolarpunkResource #sewing

Concept: Solar powered pirate radio glider drone.

Hey webdev and federation nerds: y'all know of any good tutorials or guides to using webfinger in new apps?

The great thing about Mastodon is that it is basically functioning anarcho-communism in and of itself, so I never have to answer the question "but how will communism ever work" on here. I can just be like "you're livin it, dude! Cowabunga!"

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