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Zaphod Beeblebrox III @Zaphodbblx

@jdb @Patrickme absolutely. Like I said being conscripted ( like Vietnam) is a whole different world than voluntary service such as gulf war and beyond. However even for the conscripted there was still a choice to refuse service and be a prisoner of conscience.

I always find it disconcerting when people talk about the military or veterans and then add "let's keep politics out of it" . That's forgetting basic history .... Conscription aside how can you divorce the people that are the sharp end of the government's political policy from the actions they participate in?
Any military force is violence
Brett Michaels of Poison seems to think we should leave politics out of it and just blindly praise veterans and active military cuz' jingoistic nonsense

@CobaltVelvet sorry for your loss. At least your roommates friend didn't steal them which is what happened to me. Ok sure it was 25 or so years ago but I'm NOT bitter.

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@u2764 agreed in 200 years it will flummox social anthropologists

@starbreaker If I believed in such a thing as Hell, I'd also believe that they would rot in it for eternity.

@filkerdave Even the ninth circle is more than they deserve. Instead of hell, they should be reincarnated as disabled, fat, black lesbian atheists. Let's see them play the game of life on "no future" mode.

"no goddamn flag gets in
the back window of my car, its non-running color
problems are quite black and white to me. I don't betray
my country, I survive my government.” 

The flesh is weak. Thought industry 1992

@Elizafox anyone who gives blank stares when you reference nihilism doesn't have a teenager at home.

"virtue signalling" was a phrase invented to stigmatize the act of publicly giving a shit about something other than yourself

Massachusetts to Throw Out 21,000 Drug Convictions After State Chemist Tampers Evidence for 9 Years #democracynow #news

church in the US just sounds like a tax-exempt political party

@eos cool. I'll keep an eye out. have a good 420

sitting in rural New England eating a peanut butter and sandwich.
take that Aussies

@Guide42XYZ Massachusetts passed it last year but the Puritans that run the state are trying to water it down and dragging their feet