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Zaphod Beeblebrox III @Zaphodbblx

@Elizafox anyone who gives blank stares when you reference nihilism doesn't have a teenager at home.

@Xibanya the phrase "sod off" comes to mind

"virtue signalling" was a phrase invented to stigmatize the act of publicly giving a shit about something other than yourself

Massachusetts to Throw Out 21,000 Drug Convictions After State Chemist Tampers Evidence for 9 Years # #

church in the US just sounds like a tax-exempt political party

Massachusetts to Throw Out 21,000 Drug Convictions After State Chemist Tampers With Evidence # #

@eos cool. I'll keep an eye out. have a good 420

sitting in rural New England eating a peanut butter and #vegemite sandwich.
take that Aussies

@Guide42XYZ Massachusetts passed it last year but the Puritans that run the state are trying to water it down and dragging their feet

come on tusky..let's get some translation going.

@1 I always thought you were number 1!

I'm actually shocked that I haven't seen a single cannabis legalization advocate on mastadon yet!
it seems an obvious fit.

To any one who cares....
I hereby apologise for any and all, past and future spelling, punctuation, capitalization,style and diction errors. I frequently sneaky post from the office which precludes proper copy checking.
Thanks in advance.

have a safe and sane 420

great Intercepted podcast today from the @intercept . I can't believe the gall of Mike pompeo calling @wikileaks a hostile intelligence agency.

@starbreaker Unrestrained capitalism is definitely the root cause of this (and most) of societies ills.
I do feel for people who became addicted while following their doctors directions.
it's also why rules that seek to curtail access opiate pharmaceuticals further victimize people who have already been wronged.

why is it that rampant opioid abuse only became a problem when it started effecting white middle class/aged people?
why are all the mitigation efforts aimed at stopping street dealers while the people who caused the epidemic by pushing doctors to prescribe higher and higher dosages (insys and Perdue pharma) get off scott free?

@pzmyers oh you science people (joking) personally my biggest problem was no that the seveneves decided to dedicate themselves to assembly line birthing but they decided that it was ok to sentence their progeny to the same fate for millennia.