looks at the upcoming #2080 and . Yeeeeeeah... Looks like you can stick with the #1050 or #1080 lines for now. >->;;


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"In their campaign to contain the risks that caused the Great Recession, central bankers may have planted the seeds for the next global economic crisis."


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This whole article points out things that most sensible professionals have known for years (including my grandpa, who was an amazing doctor). It's amazing how long it takes the world to catch up with commonsense...


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Kinda nice to be able to create my own presence here on Octodon without my abusive, narcissistic ex ruining everything for me and stalking me all of the time.

Life's feeling pretty awesome right about now. <3

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I'm finally going to do full profile overhauls at the beginning of October. <3 Look forward to it!! ^_^

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I really fucking hate the gaming community sometimes... Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should. And given that Nintendo has a huge history of taking away when hacking happens, this move is only going to make them angrier.

Credit goes to @KyokiKafuka for finding this.


~THREAD, PART 3 of 3~

Germany--and Europe--are in the same trouble America is in now. I worry for the future of humanity; will we emerge unscathed this time, or will this fascist binge finally be the end of us?

Consider the danger this situation poses to the future of humanity.

If we all take the time to put a little thought behind the state of affairs, we may finally realise that there is no other option. We *MUST* fight fascism!!!!!!

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~THREAD, PART 2 of 3~

Germany is in a fast descent into the same horrific bigoted and fascist ideals that nearly ruined Europe during World War II. And what's worse is that Europe--including otherwise progressive areas like Scandinavia--are rapidly turning to fascist right-wing populism.

If Angela Merkel and her party do not win re-election during the next set of generals in Germany, I fear for the worst.

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~THREAD, PART 1 of 3~

People often question why I support German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I think it can best be summed up by the following quote:

"Angela Merkel is a diligent, competent and incorruptible politician."

In other words, I see her as pretty much the only thing holding Germany together these days, when neo-Nazis are on the rise.

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The Full-Time Return of @ayachan is scheduled for Monday, September 17, 2018!!

To all of you who waited so long, thank you so much for your patience. <3 I am healed enough to come back...and I am ready to see old friends and make new ones!!

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I haven't seen yet, but everything I've been reading about it is beautiful and amazing. I am elated to hear that a Chinese-Canadian woman was responsible for putting it all together.

But... I was horrified when I read about the reactions white people in cinema had to it. Total lack of understanding. Instead of empathising with challenges different cultures face, they laugh and have no interest in understanding at all.

Fuck white people. Ugh.

@KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK

People wonder why I find to be a non-trustworthy news source and why I’d rather promote the likes of .

This particular “thinkpiece” of theirs is one of many huge reasons why.

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