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hunger is just your body's way of telling you you're horny for voreing some food. Send Post

who else loves to crank one off? boost if you love to crank off

paul mccartney told homer about the jacking off thing when he was on that episode where lisa became vegetarian

boost if you love to crank off
fave if you love to eat ass

does anyone actually interact with anyone else on this web site

Bub, If your looking to discover my Deep Web Secrets, well,b ub, too bad. Hit "the brick's" bub

someone please photoshop oasis and white album from jojo's part 5 into kigurumis

im gay bitch. the only woman whose opinion of me matters is my grandma

me, laying in bed in complete and total darkness, looking at this photo on my phone and doing a really loud and gross wheezing laugh because the internet has completely warped my sense of humor

people always complain about how obnoxious vegans, stem majors, and dog lovers are but none of them can touch people who think gif is pronounced with a hard g

hey y'all check out my new invention: discord but without any memes

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