@witchfynder_finder In case you were unsuccessful in your quest, please enjoy a screenshot of an aquatic Alf from @extinct 's instagram splash page.
To anyone else who clicks through, my condolences.

slightly lewd reference to a rather lewd post 

@RobinHood WarFrame has a random nemesis system, with random names, and every time I fought Wigil Fiss I was reminded again of the Wine Moms and Mr Clean post.

WarFrame, finding them edge cases, virtual self harm/suicide 

Tonight in Stupid Tenno Tricks, I managed to kill myself in an area of the game that doesn't usually allow any sort of combat like activities. I am, I think, understandably proud of this achievement.

WarFrame fashion times 

I went full dixie cup on my Frost. Some days the inspiration is pure and strong.

Warframe, amusing secret bit 

While looking for medallions on the Jupiter tileset, I stumbled across a pair of named space roombas butting heads in an alcove hidden underneath an elevator. Poking around in WF tiles continues to be rewarding.


Titania 2; Tank Pixie Boogaloo begins
Never thought I'd have room for more than three Titania builds, but that extra build space better be worth the 250k Simaris standing I had to grub up.

Debian, partition cloning, help a GUI weenie out 

Anyone have a friendly way to clone files from one place to another? Got a cheap carcass to provide a (slight) upgrade, but I have to shrink everything to 2 drives because there's not enough rack space.
Luckily I got a new 2TB hdd to replace a legacy IDE drive, so I have space.

dd being nicknamed "disk destroyer" scares me, and apparently clonezilla chokes on partition size drops (which is a need)

whole lotta caps, skeletons 

Oh yeah, we're after July 4th, so in 'Murrica it is
Spooky toots are a go.
☠️ 💀 🍍 💀 ☠️

Twitch done broke the universe 

Sending me streams from The Future-ure-ure-ure

shitty behavior, but polite 

"FYI for folks who cannot (or will not) get it: polite mansplaining is still mansplaining. Polite racism is still racism. Polite abusive behavior will always still be abusive behavior. Putting a veneer of politeness on it is just a way of trying to make it deniable."

420, green gremlin, the mary wannas 

@vantablack Saw this and immediately went to "Did Vanta write this?"

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