It is somehow comforting to know that people no longer rent pineapples.

@tsturm Apparently they were so expensive and such a status symbol in the 17th and 18th centuries, that people would rent them to try to improve their social stature.

(At least according to this Mental Floss article. )

@readsteven Things sure have changed. Every single one of our supermarkets would blow the mind of a person from the 17th century.

@erinbee @tsturm @readsteven to blow additional minds, you just haul a fuckin' 10-pound bag of white sugar on the counter

and watch every medieval mind go BUCK FUCKING WILD, and assume that you are absolutely some sort of royalty


@wigglytuffitout @erinbee @tsturm @readsteven I remember reading some while ago about a group of people from, I believe, Papua New Guinea, that were brought to visit the UK. Everyone was worried about culture shock, but they handled things in stride until they were taken to an archery exhibition.
At which point they absolutely lost it at the concept of fletching, because that was actually relevant to them.

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