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A gentle reminder about posting images:

Your fellow mastonauts vary in visual ability, and many rely on screenreaders. Please consider using the captioning function on your images.

Once you've uploaded an image, there's a text bar along the bottom of the thumbnail. Type a brief description in there (or a long one if necessary), so everyone can share. This doesn't count against your character limit.

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shitty behavior, but polite 

"FYI for folks who cannot (or will not) get it: polite mansplaining is still mansplaining. Polite racism is still racism. Polite abusive behavior will always still be abusive behavior. Putting a veneer of politeness on it is just a way of trying to make it deniable."

In celebration of achieving 200 followers on Twitch, I'll be holding a giveaway raffle for a custom flat color chibi during my stream on Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 2020

Everyone in the chat who is an active follower during that stream is eligible to enter (although active subscribers get 2 raffle tickets instead of 1), and entry is free!

go to and follow if you're not already so you know when i go live and can enter the raffle!

examples of chibis i've done previously below:

cyberpunk hot take: the cloud is just low-rent coffin hotels for your data and just as seedy. make sure you wipe everything down.

hey, the metropolitan museum of art has a register of books they've published that're now out of print that you can download for free

most of em are about art, archeology, architecture, fashion or history and you can find em here: is giving away all of the Wayward Children novels. LGBT-friendly portal fantasy.

Every Heart a Doorway: A school for kids who survived worlds like Oz and Neverland, a series of murders.

Down Among the Sticks and Bones: Jack and Jill went down the stairs, and became goth. (My favorite)

Beneath the Sugar Sky: Death on Earth is forever. Death in Candyland may not be.

In an Absent Dream: Pay attention to the fine print before making deals at the Goblin Market.

Come Tumbling Down: Jack and Jill fight on the hill.


I only learnt we had these nearby recently and today I walk out the front door and feel a cobweb on my arm and look down to see this dude. They're so damned pretty. Lot smaller than I thought! Had to run back inside with him on my arm to grab a phone to take pictures. Couldn't get the proper camera out without both hands.

it's sunday again!

time for another animal in a sweater; this time a red river hog in a smart-looking nordic cardigan. with tiny spectacles added to emphasize the professor aesthetic

#AnimalSweaterSunday #mastoart

Did you grow up in the US in the 80s or 90s? Do you remember the old TV test pattern color bars that stations would broadcast when they shut down for the night? Does anyone make a pride-style flag with that pattern? Because I would love a nerdy 80s kid pride flag to fly alongside my traditional queer pride flags.

Looking for like minded stoners to talk pipes and different smoking methods. Boosts welcome

the kaiser wilhelm scream 

look, idk, blame fever brain

The Gamers TM, ass showing 

"MrGoebel" as a handle.
Any name you want, and you go with Nazi Propagandist.

Geologists discovered a new type of rock that can sneeze. They're calling it "Gesuntite."

Twitter screenshot I'm sorry, PPB 

My new favorite way of measuring wasteful spending is to measure it in masks

Accusing my chess opponent of employing bishops who lack apostolic succession and causing an uprising among her pawns

Hey everyone, me and a lot of friends created this big indie-TTRPG bundle on itchio, with the earnings going to Trans Mutual Aid Manchester. It would be cool, if you could go, check it out and buy it!

Cancer, asking for money 

I know everyone is hurting pretty bad right now, but if you have the means to help, my brother's family could use it. He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin's mantle cell lymphoma. It's very aggressive and has progressed quickly. If you're able to, please donate at the link below. If you're not able to donate, please share with your networks.

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