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:pitfall: #introduction :pitfall:

Hi... I'm a little anxious, I don't know what to say...

I joined the Mastodon to get away from all the twitter mess, all the fights and free hate makes me feel more anxious than normal.

I love technology and want to learn more about programming and free software.

I try to make pixel art in free time but I'm not that good ...

I also like games and anime, but I have not seen so many lately.

I think that's all I have to say ...

Sorry for any mistake in English I'm using the translator to write. :blobcatmeltcry:

that runescape quest where an npc says "no man can defeat me" is probably much less effective as a puzzle with the fediverse's demographics

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But seriously I do want help developing a new browser engine! I've got enough on my plate, but as a browser developer I feel a certain responsibility.

So if you're a developer who's also concerned about the collapse in browser divirsity, or even just security or accessibility, please tell me your interests and I might be able to suggest a smaller component for you to tackle in whatever spare time you have.

* whitelists are not a bad idea - that's low-key how you live life
* If someone has deep experience of harassment, hands off the keyboard, pencils up and take notes
* Avoid immediately defending your privelege and work to dismantle if you're in the camp of equity and equality
*Don't start none and there won't be none πŸ‘ŠπŸΏ

Boy Willie got :flan_pats:​

The moment I stopped with the pettings, though, it was bath time.

Seems that I am... unhygienic. #petrat #petrats :ratstand:​

Go look "gutter service" up if you get random debtors calling you over credit card shit you can't remember having done.

boy howdy this old parenti quote aged wonderfully (not sarcasm)

1) get chased off corporate social media
2) heavily invest in using alt social media
3) assholes show up
4) assholes: "if you don't like it just leave"

and the cycle of bigots taking (and being given) space continues

If you read webcomics or serial stories via an RSS feed reader, try out my prototype of a feed reader that's designed for long-form works:

at this point the benefit of the doubt has been lost and i assume anyone crying about free speech in response to bans being placed on the most disgusting opinions in the history of the planet is just a plain old white supremacist or at least a useful idiot for them

If anyone with Unix skills (and preferably some development skills as well, but not really a requirement) wants a job, my employer has some openings right here in Singapore. You don't need to live in Singapore to apply.

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I didn't get paid when I expected to this week, and I could use some help getting to the end of the month. If you have a couple dollars you can throw my way, I'd really appreciate it. #transcrowdfund


via twitter:

"Hey there! Welcome to the official Twitter account for The Okra Project! We hire Black Trans chefs to provide FREE meals to Black Trans/GNC people experiencing food insecurity. Donate @ and learn more about us below! [Thread]"

I think this is a great organization and want to bring awareness of it too mastodon and hopefully get other folks to spread the word. #Black #Trans #FoodSecurity

Over the weekend I bought a few very short games on and had a great time. There really is so much lovely stuff on there and so much of it deserves more attention, so I'm gonna do a brief writeup for each.

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@jacethechicken magic isn't real only because our culture prevents us from getting eight hours of restful sleep and replenishing our spell slots

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