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shitty behavior, but polite Show more

Hey friends! A former student of Atenea's came out and is no longer feeling safe about going home. He's undergraduate aged and needs a queer-friendly place to stay in Philly or New York from December 22nd until Jan 1st. Any one got leads?

Observer: "Wow, this person appears to have passionate thoughts about the interaction of fictional words and very real readers when it comes to dealing with nonhuman representation and the nature of whiteness, I wonder what her internal monologue is like?"

Me: "Haha nice, I figured out how to write 'gay baby jail' in Orokin."

#tech #progress

This tech bro idea that "you can’t fight progress😀" and Zackerborg n Musty are the saviors of our species is the most masturbatory form of Manifest Destiny. There is a such thing as advancing backwards, & if all the countries currently still suffering or recovering from colonialism isn’t enough, just research our inept nuclear deterrence programπŸ™„. WeΒ΄ve reached the point where we could just ACCIDENTALLY wipe out humanity or bare minimum send our species back to the Dark Ages.

The season finale to EXTREME #MEATPUNKS FOREVER is out now.

Welcome to the end of everything.

Oh hey my company is still looking for a senior and a junior scala developer. Pop into my DMs if you're interested I can shove you forward real fast

I am 110% down for shipping Lara Croft and Wonder woman (art by stjepan sejic)

Law is like computer code that can be hacked via large sums of cash

Reminder that elected Democrats talking stupid shit doesn't mean you should not have voted

It means the freeloaders need to be threatened to work, before you replace them with a DemSoc / independent

Get on the fucking phones

Holy Illuminatis, I just found out Warren Spector, designer behind Deus Ex 1, the System Shock series, Thief may become involved in my 90's-style cyberpunk FPS/RPG in the spirit of DX. holy shit I can't even

Three days until the season finale to EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER!!

happy transgender awareness week!

| aware of transgender |
| pls pet transgender |

so the Doctor meets this alien with the hairy eyeballs and this magical sea snail who can produce droning sounds to communicate but has only said one thing so far the episode and they all find out the Time Lords are trying again somehow to take over the universe -- when I summed it up for the wife, I said (TERRIBLE PUN. RADIOACTIVE. STAY AWAY. DO NOT CLICK. THIS MEANS YOU. YES YOU. YOU READING THIS NOW. DON'T CLICK IT, YOU'LL REGRET IT. I MEAN IT.) Show more

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California/terrorism Show more

No one asked for this game but I'm making it anyway #gamesvsnazis

personal observation on US political parties Show more

Hey guys. So one of my roommates, who's legally blind (can only see things at very, very close distances), has heart problems, and can't really walk anywhere recently lost his computer to age. (It's about 10 years old now.)

Due to his disability, a computer+internet is his only resource for a lot of things and kind of one of the only things he has. If you can toss anything in the pot or share, it'd be a big help for him

Hey, Mastodon, I'm looking for RPG-like games to initiate a gang of 6 pre-teens. I have tried a real RPG, but two of them have difficulties letting the rest speak, so I need something with an actual turn order.

I'm open to anything, whether #narrative or #simulationist, as long as I can field 6-7 players and be done in 2.5h.

centrists and "soft capitalists" on masto, read this Show more

Here in the fediverse, we don't just practice redistribution of wealth.

We also redistribute emotions.

"Hey, I've got 4 happy's right now. You take one."

"Can anyone take this sad off me? I can't hold this many."

"The new shipment of 'you are cute' just came in. Anyone need any?"

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