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Just got a game called The Longing, which plays extreeeeeemely slow. Like the main quest/story line supposedly takes 400 days of real time slow.
Going to try keeping a thread of the things my little avatar experiences.
Tagging it if anyone decides to block it.

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A gentle reminder about posting images:

Your fellow mastonauts vary in visual ability, and many rely on screenreaders. Please consider using the captioning function on your images.

Once you've uploaded an image, there's a text bar along the bottom of the thumbnail. Type a brief description in there (or a long one if necessary), so everyone can share. This doesn't count against your character limit.

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shitty behavior, but polite 

"FYI for folks who cannot (or will not) get it: polite mansplaining is still mansplaining. Polite racism is still racism. Polite abusive behavior will always still be abusive behavior. Putting a veneer of politeness on it is just a way of trying to make it deniable."

there is comfort in knowing where change isn't gonna come from. The guy who is supposed to oppose the bad orange man is saying "nothing will fundamentally change."

If change comes, it will come from us


While shittalking Kamala (because valid)

Make sure to not do the following things:

- be sexist.

- be antiblack

- judge based on appearances.

She shit because she was a cop. Don't insinuate she's white. Don't call her ugly. Don't make jokes about women.

She's done enough bullshit to just make fun of that.

Remember, if you only respect race or gender or appearance when it's someone you like, then you don't actually respect BIPOC people and you don't actually respect women and you don't actually respect people who aren't conventionaly attractive

the reason giant mech pro wrestling is a good idea is because you get all the beauty of overdramatic mech fights, with the incredibly stupid weapons and the overdramatic poses

but you don't need the military-focus vague facism gun adoration. hell you can still HAVE guns and explosions but now they become precision weapons of drama instead of murder

and yet you get the SAME DUMBASS STORYLINES

imagine unmasking someone a masked fighter by ripping them out of their cockpit. that's fuckin cool

250 of us have been laid off from Mozilla this morning.

If you have openings or can offer assistance, please use the #MozillaLifeboat tag!

what I really want is a micromanipulation drone that looks like a tiny mecha and goes stomping around a PCB picking shit up and moving it around and blasting it with its flamethrower while I control it from my 3d telepresence rig

hey everyone, i have a buddy who's going through a really tough time right now. not long after starting his recovery from his top surgery, he had to go through treatment for a kidney stone.

basically a lot of things have been happening to him one after the other without time to recoup and he could really use help getting back on his feet.

if you can't donate to harvey's fund, boosts are very much appreciated!

a political comment that i guess just needs to be said regularly 

accelerationism is just the game of people sitting on mountains of privilege telling the people they're sitting on "some of you may die, but i'm prepared for that sacrifice, because i want to be a big hero of the revolution"

actively hoping people's lives get worse and innocents die is bad praxis

that's it that's the whole toot ok bye.

craigslist ad: SF Bay Area indigenous queers seek unwanted land where they can build an intentional community

"Poor but resourceful Indigenous, Oakland raised queers seek unwanted land in Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, San Leandro, or Hayward. We are serious about turning a neighborhood blight into a home, and have the capacity to build a structure ourselves. Able to pay up to $10,000 for something currently in living condition.

Ugly, outdated? No problem! Tear down condition? Awesome! Inherited some property that you don't know what to do with? We'll roll up our sleeves and make it a home. About to fall behind on your mortgage? Don't give it up to the bank!

We're aware that this is a hell of a long shot, but we know that there are houses sitting empty in the Bay right now, and we'd be happy to help keep some land from the capitalist developers displacing BBIPOC.

No scammers or trolls. We're not interested in lectures. We just want to stay in the community where we belong, and create a safe haven for our queer friends. If this works, we'll pay it forward to the community. Peace!"

SEA/PDX protest medic donation request 

Hey so a medic crew here in Seattle that has been showing up for the spiciest shit had several of their members arrested last night, and they estimate that replacing gear, bail, legal, and ancillary costs are gonna end up being as high as $3k.

So, if you're able, a donation would be really appreciated right now ๐Ÿ’œ

fundraiser: help San Francisco man avoid homelessness, $2000 goal 

$226 raised of $2,000 goal

"Hi everyone, I hope all are doing well during these uncertain times. I have fallen on hard times as I have recently lost my job unexpectedly as well as getting hit by a surplus of bills that I need to pay. I now have no job and no money. Rent was paid for this month so I am still housed, however there is now a concern for what will happen moving forward. Stimulus checks are uncertain, I still havenโ€™t received my tax refund, and unemployment benefits arenโ€™t as beneficial as they were. I implore you to please donate whatever you have at your disposal to help me stay afloat and off of the streets as COVID cases continue to surge so I may have a nest egg to keep me safe until I am able to find a new job. I apologize for asking this amount of you, and I truly appreciate your kindness and sincerity."

"I'm not *really* a furry" I say, as I have a pleasurable jolt of nostalgia on recognizing the artist on someone's twitch panel because they did my first ever commission at a con.

A friend of mine is looking for help setting up a video streaming server. This is paid work! DM if you're interested. :boost_ok:โ€‹

oh yeah i never posted about this, cause im not posting on here that much now, but i wrote a full TTRPG that i just released on itch yesterday, and it'll be on sale until like i have a job or something. check it out if that interests you

Anyone know of any remote work opportunities in FinTech? Fraud/Risk specialist ideally. or Onboarding. Lmk ๐Ÿ‘€

making fun of transphobes 

Every time someone types "there are only two genders" into the internet, 9 more genders are created by our gender machine.

Your online opinion is highly valued, rest assured. I am personally printing out each and every one of your hot takes, framing them in an old hand carved wooden frame of sullied oak, and Iโ€™m hanging them in the Louvre right now.

โŒ bee needs some support โŒ 

hey yโ€™all, sorry to re-boost this!
folks have been super generous and have raised $175 so far! thank you so so much!!

iโ€™d love to raise a total of $700 to afford a laptop that will last for a few years- i applied to about six jobs this week by borrowing my housemateโ€™s computer, but thatโ€™s not a permanent solution.

all donations are extremely appreciated, thank you all so much for helping to support me after this sudden layoff. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

venmo: @ juicebat

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