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A gentle reminder about posting images:

Your fellow mastonauts vary in visual ability, and many rely on screenreaders. Please consider using the captioning function on your images.

Once you've uploaded an image, there's a text bar along the bottom of the thumbnail. Type a brief description in there (or a long one if necessary), so everyone can share. This doesn't count against your character limit.

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#dnd Concept:
A town of morally questionable individuals loved their award winning prized pig so much that instead of eating it when it died, they hired a necromancer to raise the pig once more. The giant undead pig has gotten loose and is rampaging through the countryside.

Always remember: if you misspell "neuroqueer" as "necroqueer" on here, that is completely valid and a solid toot, would boost again, etc.

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the raccoon: me

the bowl of cereal: toots about everyone's OCs

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Businesses with easily accessible free alternatives should not exist, and it's a failure in messaging that they're able to not only stay afloat but buy sponsorships for every fucking youtube video ever

I mean, Dashlane is a fucking password manager. A password manager! Those have been free for decades!

Spread the word about free information and free software and stop letting companies rip people off

i've noticed solarpunk pulls a lot of its aesthetic from art nouveau. i love the look of art nouveau, but i've also noticed that it's very white.

Does anyone know of any artists of colour who were involved in art noveau during it's peak? or who are reimagining it today?

gender reveal party: the low, slow keening is louder from within the obelisk, but even the shapes of the runes have become difficult to describe or remember, despite a terrible creeping sense of familiarity

gender reveal party. i play you 6 minutes of static projected onto a large white sheet then look at you expectantly

Mastodon is crumbling and it's probably because you added too much flour or baked it too long

calling someone a "shitbird" is a good insult for a couple reasons:

A) youre calling someone a bird aka "nature's mistake"

B) youre saying the person isnt even good at being a bird


The only people who care about things like giving offence, or talk about being offended, are people in very secure positions where that is the extent of the damage that could be done to them. No one else really gives a fuck because there are actual things to worry about.

Things like CWs have to do with helping people be safe and not being a horrible human yourself.

I don't say that there's no place for software for "power users". There is, it is a big problem that such software is often expensive and proprietary.
But more often FOSS is missing **usable** software. If your software is unusable by non-it folk, it's empowering only this privileged class.
For decades the response was "learn to be a hacker". This is the same as "fuck off" for most people and especially for oppressed people.

"Queer" is a both an orientation and a political stance, it's not entirely accurate to call it a sexual orientation alone.

Arguably, it's not accurate to call it a sexual orientation at all, but a positioning that came out of lived experience on the basis of being marginalized and oppressed, on the basis of sexuality.

Also, "queerness" has evolved to have a scope that's larger than sexuality entirely. Examples: neuroqueer, "queering disability"

One of my first sets this year was this cute and weird sweets people set!

#freelance #work #candy #icecream #firealpaca

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