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Youse. I bought a backpack carrier for my cats and... My smolest, not counting Jacques' weight loss... She can barely fit. This thing is a bit smaller than a grocery bag. What good does that do me? They can't really turn around etc in one...

Brah we don't need an article. We know what went wrong. The orange asshole went wrong. That's it. That's what went wrong. Everyone knows it.

I made chicken noodle soup and I feel like I'm missing a vegetable but I'm not? Onion, celery, carrot?

What Virgin Orbit did was pretty cool today but man, Virgin is so predictable with its fleet name. [headdesk]

Pretty sure Jacques is teeth. The canned food mix I ended up with tonight was pretty much a gel in the end and zero issues until he got to the end when there were a few flakes. Ugh but ultimately, I'll take teeth over nearly anything else.

My cat pooped so egregiously this morning that it woke me up and now I'm lighting the three wicked apple cinnamon candle to deal with it.
For God's sake.

Oh god. Help. I've stumbled across Buff Magikarp.

The fuck, people. I've gotten like 6 new followers today. I've not even done anything. Welcome to heckfire. Peep my new citizenship pass.

Happy birthday to my local fave We fool ourselves that we're not hanging out as much because of COVID but we know it's because we are just so bad at going thru with actual plans. We get each other. Love you!

So I'm guessing the SLS test fire went badly. 🤔

I am making an appointment this week for Jacques. Let it us hope his eating issue is his teeth (pretty sure it is, as his breath was monstrous before I started doing some additives in their water). It's gonna be expensive but... I can probably afford it.

My arm hurts today but not terribly. Definitely not as much as folks who've gotten the Pfizer shot have talked about.

I'm too exhausted to even play a game on my phone today.

Oh lord. OK yes, there was a bad fandom take but to then go down the road how no one liked said actor and how he was a bully to his costars? Y'all new here?

It's amazing how a tiny piece of mRNA can make you feel like hot, toasty garbage.

Why won't my cat eat unless I'm present? This is actually a problem. He's lost weight because he won't eat unless I supervise him. 😕

God damn the wait for my dinner is like 30 minutes. I should have put my N95 on.

People who sit in their cars in the parking lot with the car on: OK

People who sit in their cars in the parking lot with the car IN REVERSE: Complete assholes 😡

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