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For all the geologists and those who need to defeat them out there. 😘

She totally owned up without anyone witnessing because she's a good person. I'm lucky she did.

I'd also like to say that my manager damaged my car in the parking lot today, which is highly comical and has said she'll pay for damages. I have a text for a record of it. It's a pretty nasty ding, I don't think she realizes what she's gotten into.

Which obviously this is my own thing. Lots of you don't feel this way, and that's great. Excellent work, youse. I just cannot. Internal need to be cool? Internal need to not put external pressure on people to perform? Who knows.

Talking about parasocial relationships and the absolutely awkward idea of meeting a celebrity whose work you enjoy. Just. No. Random meeting via my job? Outreach / scicomm? Twitter flame war? Sure! Fan related. No.

ISTG, this is RIGHT by my house. You could walk out my building and get to this. If we end up with a snow emergency and it doesn't snow more than this I'm gonna be pissed. This just isn't that much fucking snow. That's a pedestrian bridge for shit's sake.

So the question here is — do I just stay up or do I set an alarm for death o'clock to get up and move my car because I know they're gonna fuck me at like 6 AM with parking restrictions.

I have a massive vocabulary (reading). I have a miniscule vocabulary (speaking). Why is that.

I wish there was a really good culturally up to date thesaurus out there.

All right. I'm sick of being single. Who's gonna fix it.

Shit, youse guise. This track is 25 years old. I still love it. I listen to it at least a few times a week.

[squints judgementally at The Walking Dead fandom, EXTREMELY judgementally]

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