Bee tee dubs, am I the only one who has noticed they San Pellegrino aranciata has become more like La Croix? Maybe I got a bad 6 pack, but it's really more fizzy water than orange.

I'm truly stupid, I'm ordering Chipotle again.

Dammit. I mean it's been like this for a while and I knew it but I shouldn't have taken a photo so I could stay in ignorant bliss. I should just trim the hair that's growing out and embrace the fucked up line of the undercut.

BBC, Steve Knight, mates PLEASE. Poor Cillian Murphy has finally grown into his looks and no longer looks Uncanny Valley, can't you please let him have a different haircut? It's bad enough he hates the damn thing, but now you're shaving it all the way down.

Am I the ONLY ONE who wants a keyboard with the old style ThinkPad finger mouse in the middle of it? Like. A Bluetooth version? Honestly, literally ANYWHERE on the keyboard one of those finger mice that aren't as stiff would be AMAZING.

OK but. I'm awake. Yet, during the week, not so much at this time.

Do you have a coworker that just ruins your day every time you work with them? Yeah, me too. There's really no fixing it either. I'm just not learning fast enough for them so they have to actually do their job.

Me: Headphone amps and DACs are totally bogus.

Me: Buys a Bluetooth amp / DAC for wireless convenience.

Also me: Jesus this makes a huge difference.

Radstone's ES100 is ridiculously good for the price. Geez. My IEMs sound amazing.

Hey, how is it possible that EVERY TIME I order from Chipotle, the order is wrong? I ordered 2 orders of 3 tacos. I got only two tacos. In total. I would like my entire dang meal instead of endless credit.

I mean... If you were so close to your dad that you have opinions on how his legacy is treated... You'd think that there wouldn't be an open elder abuse case involving your dad.

I've never wanted to punch a sentence before. But there's a first time for everything.

"Offer chocolate, and tea, whenever they bake up a batch of frownies."


Hey followers, do I have any psychology PhD owners or grad students out there? I've a friend I would like to possibly have you chat with who is looking to get a PhD.

I would like to meet a smart single dad at work and have everything be easy. But I look like hell at work so that's not gonna happen. Especially when they make us wear stupid nurses' jackets. Also fuck my skin for looking AMAZING for the 2ish years I spent in bed but now it's 😬

Loving a trans woman does not make you gay, it doesn't reflect on your masculinity. It's disgusting that this is an issue that gets people so pressed that they have to abuse someone to the point of suicide. What the fuck does it matter what is in someone's pants?

Wait. Wasn't Jesus proclaimed King of the Jews by the Magi?

This Sony / Disney crap is stupid AF. Sony is throwing away money to pull Spiderman from the MCU. He's not as big as Iron Man or Cap, but he's the 3rd highest grossing superhero. Holland (and the films) are enjoyable for kids and adults. I just can't even with this.

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