I feel like there's a massive misunderstanding with folks on the leftish of people who have massive anxiety / PTSD and are relieved that Biden was elected. Like. It's not that we don't understand all the other issues you bring up. We just wanted to not live in heightened misery.

Can we BOTH vote in the lesser of two evils AND realize the system sucks and work to change it. Can we BOTH celebrate the little things that make us less freaked out AND be angry at all the shit that STILL SUCKS and fight for that? Please?

I don't sit here and say riot and revolution for funsies. I believe in it. But I also am not gonna enjoy the little changes to my quality of life because dude, living at 11 on the anxiety scale is bad for you. I've been doing it for 4+ years. I'd like a breather.


A lot of people complaining about those of us enjoying these small changes are in MASSIVELY better living situations than those of us who are mildly celebrating. And that sucks.

We want to see change. We want all the things that Biden promised. We're mad, too!

I'm incandescently mad about the student loan walk back. It's BULLSHIT. Discharging them would change my life. But! I'm gonna celebrate that my trans pals can be in the military. I can do both.

The stim check? Absolute shit. It's a betrayal. We should march but there's Texas going on. I'm not gonna NOT celebrate my LGBTQIA protections being reinstated though.

Everything Biden ran on is being walked back. He's a shit. He's straight up typical white guy. It's not new.

HOWEVER — if you think it's the same as our previous orange leader you are being ridiculous. Things are better. They're still bullshit! I'm still mad as hell. But I can be both. I can be relieved that things aren't going to spiral. Please. Stop saying it's the same.

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