@War_Kittens @aeveltstra Oh yes. All Finns actually pronounce Motörhead correctly with the ö rather than Motorhead. Same with Mötley Crüe.


it was very interesting sounding out my own name, as written on the starbucks cup in the St. Petersburg airport, with my little travel dictionary.

...also very distressing that my computer marks un-capitalized "starbucks" as misspelled, yet also thinks Petersburg is spelled wrong and suggests Gettysburg instead?

@War_Kittens I'd like to think that #Stargåte for #Stargate is an intentional portmanteau of star + gåte as well as star + gate, as #gåte (IPA: /²ɡoːtə/) is #Norwegian for 'riddle'.

So, a gate to the enigmas of the stars. :)

@War_Kittens except I'm a dumbass and it actually says STARGᐰTE rather than STARGÅTE and thus uses the Canadian Aboriginal ᐰ 'paai' instead... That actually looks like an interesting script.

@FiXato @War_Kittens in universe it's an ideogram meaning roughly Earth, IIRC

@War_Kittens we remember reading once that when the band Mötley Crüe performed in Germany, they were very confused about how the fans were pronouncing their name

apparently they thought umlauts were just decorative or something

@War_Kittens Dusting off my memory of seeing the Stargate movie when I was a young'un, I think the character-that-is-not-an-A is, diegetically, a logogram. That is, it has an in-universe meaning that's an entire word, phrase or idea (here, a pyramid with the Sun directly above it). So, as written, the word has no clear pronunciation at all.

@War_Kittens And then there's the "metal umlaut" as in Mötörhëäd.

@War_Kittens I’m so glad that dicks with someone other than just me!

@War_Kittens a very helpful post for learning how to pronounce things

@War_Kittens There was a poster on the London-Cambridge trains a few years ago for some college or other (a school, not the university) that used:


I facepalmed so hard.


You know, sad as it is it's usually not their fault. They have no idea what that character *really is*. It looks like something in their native alphabet so they assume it's just a fancy way of representing that character.

It's also sad how people misuse and mispronounce words in their native language. What are people being taught in schools? Do people teaching misuse the language, changing it forever to something that would be unrecognizable to people from the early 20th Century

@War_Kittens Cyrillic letters are not pronounced the same way in all languages though, just as Latin letters don’t have the exact same pronunciation in English and in French for example.

@War_Kittens In my opinion it looks much more ridiculous when this is done with Arabic letters!

@War_Kittens But feel free to use äöø whenever because it makes your death metal bandname sound really cute 😽

@War_Kittens flashback to when Middle English did this and forever cursed us with “Ye Olde Grosserie Shoppe”

(i mean technically they knew full well the difference in pronunciation and went and did it anyway but)

@kibimon @War_Kittens I'm just disappointed they didn't have the courage to change Groſserie to Grofserie at the same time.

Now I want a full Cyrillic alphabet class based on its misuse

@War_Kittens at least I now know the multiple pronunciations of these letters

Whenever you see anything called "Ye Olde" whatever, remember that "ye" is a misreading of a Medieval scribe's "þe", so it's pronounced "the".

@y6nH @War_Kittens just learned this one recently and have been telling everyone I know about it.

@y6nH @War_Kittens I read that it was because English printers bought their fonts from France, and had to use y since they didn't come with any þ letters.

@War_Kittens лук ат ми юсинг леттерс ронг ай ам со коол

(i think i have that right, im still learning ><)

LMAO! From this day forth, I shall call it Stargoat. Let the confusion begin. 😆

@kd0bpv @War_Kittens This bothers me as much as "STARGᐰTE" being pronounced "stargate" does. "The Norwegian word gåte" would not be pronounced "goat" - the ending "e" is *not* silent.

Nice heads up on the Canadian Aboriginal though @FiXato - I might have to reconsider, although mixing a syllabic character into an alphabet doesn't make it less confusing to my mind. "Stargpaaite"? 😁

@War_Kittens This is why an online friend of mine dislikes the "bröther" meme.

Meanwhile I like using "tål" and "smål".

@War_Kittens ᚛ᚓᚕᚐᚉᚈᚂ ᚃᚒᚉᚕᚔᚅᚌ ᚐᚋᚓᚏᚔᚉᚐᚅᚄ ᚏᚒᚔᚅᚔᚅᚌ ᚓᚃᚓᚏᚈᚆᚔᚅᚌ᚜

@War_Kittens This thread is both educational and funny! :) Well done! :)

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