I'd just like to have some decent sex before the country devolves into complete end times, is that so much to ask? I can't do that with just some random I pick up off a dating app.

OK this no quarters shit is REALLY a problem.

Order for the least amount of requisitions possible. Aliquoting is for suckers.

I'm really tired. I am out of can. An hour and 15 minutes left. I am so thankful for my docs tonight. They have been so good to us. Two of my faves. I want to buy them coffee.

I'm tired and I forgot I offered to cover someone's shift so I'm working until 9 tonight. It is not good, lads. Especially after the bad fall I had on Friday. I am in so much pain.

This is A+ accent content. This guy gets so pissed off at his own accent. Baltimore accent — Aaron earned an iron urn. Click thru, it's worth it. "We really talk like that?!" thepoetkiller.tumblr.com/post/

What makes me feel 😡 is that 420doggface208 is probably my age and, like, people are thinking he's old. Yo, man. That's just — Dude. We can still be cool! It's not weird to be cool at my age.

Man y'all talking about how much a percentage $750 is of your monthly is making me feel poor AF.

Evangelicals are the worst. Youse all need help. Trump is fine, but Papa Francis is the antichrist? Yeah, get fucked please.

You know what pals? Today was a really hard day. I gotta thank @jsalowe@twitter.com for sitting on a Zoom with me for an hour while bad things happened. Youse owe this lady a lot, JSYK. I would be a bigger mess w/o her. I'm exhausted emotionally.

Vogue is trying to sell me on tightlining for Zoom meetings like it's some new technique.

I didn't know Dennis Quaid was a MAGA. Shame.

Ah yes, Autumn (and Winter). The time of minimal libido. Thanks Equinox.

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