Oh my God you GUISE. That Shang-Chi trailer is EVERYTHING. It isn't some shitty imitation. @SimuLiu@twitter.com is perfect. I can't handle it.

This is one of the funniest things @VirginiaMohlere@twitter.com ever wrote, "Coded chapter 1/1, but I can't promise that I won't update if I think of more jokes."

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Des Moines is advertising for tourism on MLB.tv. Like. No. I'm not gonna vacation in Iowa.

Hey MCU pals. Why is it NOT racist for Steve, Nat, and Sam to go to the Middle East between films to take out human targets without government sanction, guidance, or intelligence but Clint going to Japan to take out Yakuza is racist. 🤔 Please explain.

I fell asleep last night without my weighted blanket and oh boy, what a disaster. Terrible sleep. My body hurts. I'm exhausted. It makes such a huge difference.

I adore the fact that there's no typical "hot boy" photos of Wyatt Russell out there. Zero. None. He's got a mountain man beard in 80% of them. There's I think, one, without a shirt. Is he still attractive? Heck yeah.

Wyatt Russell better go on to great things. He's so talented. I'd love to see US Agent's arc be included a little on the MCU. It's pretty interesting. He pays for what he did and comes out the other side.

Gross. I wanted cranberry cocktail juice and Shipt got me cranberry "juice" which is really just barely any cranberry juice mixed with apple and grape. Ugh. This was weeks ago and I didn't notice until now. Boo.

They didn't have Stark Tower in NY City. What the hell.

Should I get BBQ or something? It's payday. I'm so exhausted. It's been a long day.

Ugh Whole Foods doesn't have a hot bar which FINE YES it's safer but I their Mac and Cheese is really good but not their fridge stuff.

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