I'm so mad at how much I want to see Hobbs and Shaw. It is everything that should be terrible about film, and yet...

Me: I feel kinda shitty and weak. WTF.

Also me: Has eaten half a bag of wonton strips, a few spoons of ice cream, and half a bag of frozen corn.

Hey table top players. You know when you go into your game store and they have those buckets of bulk dice? Good god, don't buy them unless it's to keep your local store in business. You can get complete sets on AliExpress for under $2 usually. It's absurd.

I'm really pissed off that we can't call no confidence votes on our government.

Another TV show goes with the Bury Your Gays trope. When will this not be a thing? I'm sorry to all the folks who had faith that queerbaiting wasn't going on.

(I absolutely haven't watched this show but nearly all my friends do.)

Dear Scott — You're totally dead but I just want you to know that when you told me you can't do gua sha (TCM thing) anywhere but your back, YOU WERE WRONG. Doing my chest and face today was a game changer. You tool. I still miss you, tho.

This graph is ridiculous. It isn't sustainable. You do not need a PhD to do the vast majority of jobs out there. A tiny fraction of PhD owners are going to end up in permanent academia. This is also driving up requirements for jobs outside of academia needlessly.

I just took one of those half brain asleep naps that I used to do in university. I forgot how great they are. It's weird. I stay completely aware of everything, able to listen etc, but my body is definitely in sleep mode. Freaked my professors out.

Just as an FYI, the Catholic Church doesn't own Notre Dame.

[eyes lobster bisque] Hmm. Not what I was expecting.

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