I enjoy how regular people seem to not know how the NIH works, especially non-scientists, even more especially — conservatives. Youse all are really, absurdly uninformed.

Want to know what I'm reading (it's gonna be fan fiction, guys)? Want to hear me comment / squee about it? You're gonna want to follow @kittensreads@twitter.com

There's too much baseball in this baseball AU.

What if I made a Twitter account where I posted every fic I finished reading. 🤔

Baldwin is a shitbird for many reasons, but this incident on set is not one of them.

Let us please be reasonable about what we accuse people of being shitbirds and awful people for.

We are ourselves the shitbirds when we are attributing being a bad person to the wrong things.

I'm really not trying to start a fight, but we don't know exactly what happened on Rust. Everything that happens with guns on the set is 100% on the shoulders of the prop / weapons master. If the cotton wad hit someone, that's on them. Read this article. latimes.com/entertainment-arts

I would like to get my uterus removed but I'm kind of worried I'll miss it.

I guess I'm eligible for a Moderna booster but I'll be honest, I have NEGATIVE desire to put that shit in my body again when they efficacy of the original shots isn't proven to be lessened. I wish titers were available to the general public.

I really want to find one of my exes just to see if he's even still ALIVE. In the entire time we were together he refused to tell me his Chinese name (he had a lotta baggage about being Chinese) and finding him thru his really generic white boy first name is impossible. [pouts]

I'm so confused about the internet here. Is it my phone? Is it XFinity AND T-mobile? Is it Minneapolis? Images and video just don't load regularly on Twitter. Things are kinda pokey otherwise on and off. I'm really frustrated.

It makes me laugh just a tiny bit, all these people with long COVID, complaining about brain fog. No has ever given a flying shit about folks with fibromyalgia and our brain fog. I've been dealing with it for nearly 30 years. It's just as bad.

There's got to be some way of beating the way fall and winter break my brain and NO IT ISN'T A SUN LAMP.

I ate badly today and it affected my mood. I should know better.

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