Everything smells turned up to ELEVEN again. Fuck I hate this. Plus there's a hallucinatory smell going on. Love it. My favorite. /sarcasm

I cannot get over the absolute THIRST for the 7 foot tall protester in full dystopian riot armor from DC.

I some dumped my purse? In the middle of the night? I'm missing my MAC brow pen thing and I'm totally down to buy another but I cannot for the life of me remember what shade I wear. Pretty sure it's taupe but for $22 I better be pretty sure. Argh.

Wait, when the fuck is the new due date for taxes.

I hate that one of my favorite journalists is named the same thing as the shithead in charge of Texas.

Youse all need reading comprehension. I was posting old photos.

Being an actor, musician, or athlete is just a fucking job you walnuts. YOUR job doesn't disqualify you from having and expressing political opinions and these jobs don't either. For shit's sake, youse all are complete coat hangers. It's pathetic.

Can I please take 30 seconds out of retweeting serious stuff to thank Charlotte Riley for letting Tom Hardy leave the house looking like a complete disaster for us to enjoy. She is a blessing and truly the absolute best. We love her.

Then there was that time I fucked up my undercut. Which really, it's every time.

Then there's grief weight, and you don't get that either. But yeah. Looking thru the last 6 years on Google photos is a trip.

15 days after my dumbass husband dies, here I am in the hospital in heart failure. WTG me. You don't get the other photos. They're awful.

Yeah this was couldn't get out of bed without being in 8 or 9 on a scale of 10 pain. Super pale. Nice brows. Eat a sandwich for God's sake.

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