When a great story is ruined with an abominable ship 80% of the way thru.

I get to do the PCR tomorrow. Which sounds so much cooler than it is. So I talk about it as much as I can.

Hey @SpotifyUSA@twitter.com @SpotifyCares@twitter.com you might want to have an editor go over this stuff.

I've written a lot of intelligible French today.

I bought dinner, got home, put it somewhere, and can't find it.

Why would you go to school for a degree in Comp Sci nowadays? 🤔

Holy shit, laundry was almost a massive disaster. I had a black sharpie in a pocket. It definitely went thru the wash. It somehow did NOT leak. In less fortunate news, my debit card did go thru the wash. Luckily I found both just before I put everything in the dryer now.

I put my scrubs in the laundry. Self high five.

All I want out of life is my ding dang discord and Twitter notifs on my lock screen. I dunno why that's so fucking hard to get.

Listen, I don't like a lot of things about our government but you can't just... ABOLISH the CIA or the FBI. They do exist for legit reasons.

I really want my Chinese food but it's not near me and all the cats are cuddled up next to me.

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