All my trends are currently from Germany. 🤔 WTG algorithm.

Everywhere I want to order from for lunch is not taking online orders. This is not ideal.

Today was Scott"s birthday. It would have been his 48th birthday. Happy birthday you big fucking asshole. I miss you like crazy.

I think I've ground a quarter of a millimeter off my front teeth in the past few days. This clench and grind is real.

Everyone in the lab can't stop yawning. It is the worst.

Shit. I forgot to wash scrubs. Well. I have at least some clean. Probably.

I feel so sorry for all you poor bastards when more and more Dune stuff starts coming out. I should reread the Frank books so I don't put my foot in stuff.

I can't mute the word Old no matter how much I want to.

[squints] These are really uninspiring as stilsuits. They don't match anything at all about the description, don't even come at me about it.

Why am I the only one who wants a 7 to 8 inch Android tablet with great performance? Why have these gone out of fashion?

I guess there's still hope if JLo can still find love at 52.

Maybe I'm developing a phantom gluten sensitivity.

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