Also I find it funny that hey this cat food is grain free just means that they put shit like sweet potato and spinach in it which cats also don't eat.

I am now in possession of a 1TB Snow White PS4, a copy of Death Stranding, and exactly zero things to hook it up to. That's how lazy I am. Sigh. I just. Need to choose a monitor type smart thing.

Brah. How stupid do we look. I mean. You're the feebs. Also can we please laugh at the late 90s / early 2k quality of the logo here?

People at work think I'm bullshitting about having really acute color vision that affects what I see in cheap ELISA / dipstick testing.

I'm really not.

My condensed 2019 Spotify Top Songs, as I had to cut some. There was an EDM / old school techno playlist I used as a background that tainted a lot. But. It's pretty good. This was the year of EDM rewind it seems. I'd mark songs songs you should check, but. Eh. You won't.

I am a prisoner in my car BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND MY KEY. I mean sure I can turn the car on and off but I SURE DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT KEY IS. IT'S IN HERE SOMEWHERE.

Listen, friends. If you've not seen Banderas' films with Almodóvar, you're missing out and you should correct that. Also, just go read this.

I didn't buy a single fucking thing from Amazon on black Friday or cyber Monday. Heck. I haven't in at least a week.

Unfortunately using Spotify for my white noise overnight is gonna screw my wrapped playlist.

I'm hungry but... All I have are pizza rolls.

Me: Ah I wish boys noticed me.

Also me: Comes home and shaves my hair into what is pretty much a very militant lesbian hairstyle.

I shaved a chunk out of the main body of my hair tonight. Sigh.

My burrito place is closed for renos. Shit. I am burritoless. The only place close is a Jimmy John's. Sigh.

Is being depressed an OK reason for getting a burrito.

I am always so surprised when the IT guys I run into at work have no online presences. Or the ones they have are really, really sad. Mine is at least shallow but interesting. Why yes, I spent my break internet stalking the IT guy.

Also geez, the tracking system my bosses came up with for the PCR strep system makes me want to scream. It makes them want to scream, too. I'd explain it but then it would be extremely obvious where I work.

Man. I just feel kinda garbagio. I know they did studies on why you feel shittier at night I just don't remember the findings. Luckily I had a lot of really good kids today.

So if I can't shop on Amazon. And I haven't been. Where the hell am I supposed to get the stuff I get off Amazon that's pretty esoteric. 🤔

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