I have lost a whole lot of weight since I started working. Could it start showing in my face plz.

I... Uh. I guess that's a way to market squatting stools.

[squints at Dan Harbour playing Alexi Shostakov] I mean. Uh. Sure. He's my age so. This is obviously not too far into the past unless Lola does their digital magic on the entire film. Also if Alexi is there, Bucky better damn well be.

Well back to bed with me. It seems weekends are migraine triggers.

Just in case you're new here, I'm an unreasonably large Tom Hardy stan.

Putting my feet up certainly helps the cankles but it also fucks up my left knee. Can't win.

Hey @Instacart@twitter.com, the fact that y'all don't have phone or chat support is ridiculous. The issue I've run into could have been fixed immediately if you were reachable by anything other than email. I have $100 of the wrong groceries sitting here that I am not going to take.

I'm really not going to get up in arms about China backing films in Hollywood. Money like this goes in ALL directions.

Also!! I talked about some of you and the science you do at work today. There was a lot of eyes glazed over and dubious looks that I knew Actual Scientists That Do Actual Science. I mean scientist is in my / our title, but we're mostly bench jockies.

Well at least my cankles hurt less. Yay for my giant buckwheat pillow that was too big to sleep with. Perfect foot rest.

OK I'm not going to talk about this much now (but will in the future)... How do you not feel like a complete outcast / antisocial when you're working with people who are definitely not your people at all. Everyone is always talking about family. I don't have any except youse.

It is so hot and humid outside that my glasses fogged up.

Another upside (/sarcasm) to periodically working with someone who went to school w/ your husband and you & was his coworker. Lots of talk about university. Just what I want. Luckily no one knows me enough to know when I'm trying to not to cry.

Tom is lovely, it isn't his fault.

Yo, our UPS guy at work has a MASSIVE mustache. I am going to try to get a photo. It's kind of magnificent.

I wish it were predictable which days my feet were going to swell. Yes, compression socks but also hot weather like whoa.

See, the important part here is that in Minnesota? We don't want to send her back. We VOTED for her.

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