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Couple of backhanded complements from the cyclist I rode with tonight. Odd.

24 deg. F on bike commute today. Felt fine except for index and ring fingers. Need better gloves if I keep doing this.

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Am I seriously thinking of the seattle to portland ride?
I should probably serious think about a local century first.

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Tonight's group ride was joyful - I'm really loving the group interaction and pushing each other. I should do this more.

Kind of an odd reaction to me riding my bike to a school functions: self deprecating car culture remarks from others.

Got stuck behind an old diesel work truck on the home. It NOx your SOx off

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Going to attempt #inktober as a series of 3"x4" linocuts; The only chance I have of seeing this through is if I keep it quick-and-dirty; sketch directly on the block, a single pass carving, straight to print. Fighting the inclination to go back and do touch ups is going to be the hardest part for me.

#inktober2019 #ring #inktober1 #inktoberday1 #linocut #mastoart #printmaking #printmakersofinstagram

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kickstarter boldly declares "fuck you" to union organizers

> It says, in essence: drop dead. We do not care what you think. We do not want a union and we are going to try to stop one from forming. We will fire union organizers if we want to, and if they complain to the National Labor Relations Board, they will be facing our lawyers.

Group social ride this evening, most enjoyable ride I've been on in months.

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#bikepunk; mutual aid; disaster relief 

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Went to March today. only 40 or so people, making demands of our Republican representative. Felt like not enough.

Couldn't sleep last night, ended up packing my backpack to see how it works for a hiking trip. Learned I need a bigger bag or smaller gear.

Chores in this two story house feel like an endless fox-chicken-corn cross the river puzzle

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amazing that within another year or two of listening to dub & psytrance mixes i will have heard the entire recorded lectures of Alan Watts

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