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I have so many ideas for articles that I don't have time to write now:

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There's a lot of things I want to say about this photo - ignoring the rest, it's a photo of many pads freshly cut from a prickly pear (specifically Devin, a close family friend that lives down the street.)

Emergent front-line indigenous medicine seems to have been ahead of allopathic medicine through this pandemic. Reasonable, given their different mechanisms in... every regard.

I'm only now seeing recognition in conversations among well-educated colonial folk about the potential that COVID's severe symptoms are caused by a bradykinin storm; this was hypothesized in a discussion among Indigenous medicine-workers in Turtle Island back in mid-March.

I reckon in a year we'll probably recognize we're dealing with two diseases caused by the same virus: SARS-Cov-2, a severe accurate respiratory syndrome which occurs soon after infection with the novel coronavirus, and a yet-to-be-recognized angioedema.


A potential inhibitor of bradykinin production - a thing which has not been heavily researched in allopathic medicine, as it is normally an interest to increase bradykinin production - is manganese, which may help with ischemic edema, one of the suspected edemic mechanisms of COVID.

Prickly pear pads and fruit - nopal and tuna in Spanish - is super-high in accessible manganese!

So, I'm going to be adding that to my medicine garden, which has a few things growing for their potential to diminish the severity of COVID's more severe symptoms - garlic, ginger, and aloe are the three that i've had a lot of luck growing, but I also aim to grow things high in betalains that arent high in anthocyanins, like beets or - hey, prickly pear fruit!


Anyway given its potential use as a medicine I went to Devin and took some new growth to propagate and I'll transplant this around the community (with or without folks consent tbh) to produce a harvest come next spring (pads, manganese) and late summer (flowers, betalain)

After all day with no smoke in the house, it's starting to seep in around the windows. I sacrificed an HVAC filter for the DIY fan-filter setup, hopefully between that and the HVAC it will clean ovenight.

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hey i need to follow more trans people that talk about trans issues/experiences (even if its only occasionally) please fav this if you fit that category and boost so I can find more

I read and liked this essay by Asad Haider, "Class Cancelled"

If you are interested in the meeting point between anti-racism and anti-capitalism, you might like it too.

Picked up a trash bag full of bottles and cans on a short walk this evening

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I remember when we stopped calling police weapons "nonlethal" and switched to "less lethal" - I thought it was a victory for anti-authoritarian realism, ditching a polite euphemism for a more accurate phrase that reminded us that the cops kill and mail people with these arms.


Slow leak turned into a snakebite.
And none of my tires fit! Need new inner tubes, at least a pair.

Feeling very called out by listening to interviews with Etian Hersh and Jane MacAlevey back to back.

Still thinking about Parvus aka Helphand.

Ken MacLeod is a pretty evocative writer & this kind of historical detail is something I love to see in a story.

fettling. Trimming or cleaning a workpiece before firing. dialect; Yorkshire: repairing or fixing.

Louisiana Loses Its Boot, a project to remap the vanishing wetlands and life in coastal Louisiana. From 2014.

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1. Do you remember in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" Ginny Weasley wrote scary texts in blood on the wall while posessed by the Tom Riddle spirit?

A strange question: Who has the copyright to these texts – Ginny or Tom?

A strange answer: The same question has been considered by UK and US courts.

Here is a thread about the copyright to texts dictated by spirits and ghosts 👻

#copyright #IntellectualProperty #IP #IPlaw #supernatural #harrypotter #jurisprudence #history #thread

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nychthemeron. Gk. Noun.
A period of a day and a night, 24 hours; a date.

apricity. n. The warmth of the sun, especially in winter.
Saw your posts from following Are0h, may I follow you too?

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