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A large chunk of the Fediverse was scraped; your posts are being “released” 

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Essential extensions for online reading:

Bypass Paywalls (removes paywalls from news sites)

Medium Unlimited (removes paywalls from Medium)

Make Medium Readable Again (removes nagware from Medium)

View on Sci-Hub (redirects paywalled journal articles to the same paper on Sci-Hub)

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Kahan's clincher:

"To live well—or just to live—individuals (including scientists) must accept much more [decision-relevant science] than they can ever hope to make sense of on their own."

Please rid yourself of this notion that you can somehow evaluate the science behind cancer or AIDS, behind climate change or nuclear power. That all we need is "critical thinking" or "media studies" to protect us from extremism, radicalization, false medicine, incorrect thinking.

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alternate SW blather 

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me: i wonder what would happen if i trained the neural net gpt-2 on christmas carols?

me: ...

me: oh NO

I feel deceived by "Kindle Unlimited"
I was hoping to use it to get access to books I can't find locally or in libraries. But I guess "unlimited" refers to number of checkouts and not the selection.

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Feel like reading encyclopedias and atlases as a child has prepared me for "The Dune Encyclopedia" a once-official but now disavowed part of the Dune universe.

I figured out what the Cybertruck reminded me of: the Rhodesian homebuilt "Kudu" series of armored trucks:

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Black Twitter is effectively being monetized by Twitter starting 1 Jan 2020. It’s over.

And you can’t contest it if you say on here.

Be sure to read this thread and the actual ToS and policy. (

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If we want everything to stay the same, everything has to change.

Was not aware thtat cycling more would lead to an expanding collection of domain specific tools .
I can feel this intersecting with my pack-rat and gear-head tendencies, like photography has.
Will have to be diligent.

Couple of backhanded complements from the cyclist I rode with tonight. Odd.

24 deg. F on bike commute today. Felt fine except for index and ring fingers. Need better gloves if I keep doing this.

Am I seriously thinking of the seattle to portland ride?
I should probably serious think about a local century first.

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