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Finished my game! I'm calling it Detour Theater. Watch a movie in an old drive-in theater! It's for Windows and Mac. Download and play here: #gamedev

Let me know if anyone wants a Linux build!

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amazing that within another year or two of listening to dub & psytrance mixes i will have heard the entire recorded lectures of Alan Watts

Or maybe I could rework someone's Bitcoin rig...

Picked up a bunch more metal scrap on my walk. May be worth going to the yard soon

Am I really considering buying an old business server to repurpose as a photo editing workstation?

Broken spoke again. Probably time for a new wheelset.

I wonder if the glut of milk production in the USA is why ice cream has been on deep sale the last two weeks.

I saw Into The Spider-Verse last night, it's really good!

I don't think I ever really noticed the soundtrack for The Fifth Element before

Can anyone recommend a free or low cost photo editing program?

... There are dozens of ways to build such an opening. For example, a wall can be made very cheaply with a simple plywood hanging shutter sliding on an overhead rail, which can be removed to open up completely, and locked in place at night." Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language

... Solution:
In any public space which depends for its success on its exposure to the street, open it up, with a fully opening wall which can be thrown wide open, and if it is possible, include some part of the activity on the far side of the pedestrian path, so that it actually straddles the path, and people walk through it as they walk along the path.

Opening To The Street
The sight of action is an incentive for action. When people can see into spaces from the street their world is enlarged and made richer, there is more understanding; and there is the possibility for communication, learning.

... Solution:
Where buildings run alongside busy streets, build windows with window seats, looking out onto the street. Place them in bedrooms or at some point on a passage or stair, where people keep passing by. On the first floor, keep these windows high enough to be private." Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language

Street Windows
A street without windows is blind and frightening. And it is equally uncomfortable to be in a house which bounds a public street with no window at all on the street.

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