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I have so many ideas for articles that I don't have time to write now:

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I remember when we stopped calling police weapons "nonlethal" and switched to "less lethal" - I thought it was a victory for anti-authoritarian realism, ditching a polite euphemism for a more accurate phrase that reminded us that the cops kill and mail people with these arms.


Slow leak turned into a snakebite.
And none of my tires fit! Need new inner tubes, at least a pair.

Feeling very called out by listening to interviews with Etian Hersh and Jane MacAlevey back to back.

Still thinking about Parvus aka Helphand.

Ken MacLeod is a pretty evocative writer & this kind of historical detail is something I love to see in a story.

fettling. Trimming or cleaning a workpiece before firing. dialect; Yorkshire: repairing or fixing.

Louisiana Loses Its Boot, a project to remap the vanishing wetlands and life in coastal Louisiana. From 2014.

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1. Do you remember in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" Ginny Weasley wrote scary texts in blood on the wall while posessed by the Tom Riddle spirit?

A strange question: Who has the copyright to these texts – Ginny or Tom?

A strange answer: The same question has been considered by UK and US courts.

Here is a thread about the copyright to texts dictated by spirits and ghosts 👻

#copyright #IntellectualProperty #IP #IPlaw #supernatural #harrypotter #jurisprudence #history #thread

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nychthemeron. Gk. Noun.
A period of a day and a night, 24 hours; a date.

apricity. n. The warmth of the sun, especially in winter.

Saw your posts from following Are0h, may I follow you too?

I guess that weird noise was thunder.
Sounded like empty dump trucks getting hit with sledgegammers.
Now there's wind, and lightning, and a rainbow.

Been taking things for the garden: soil, mulch, wood, stones.

Is it stealing if someone just abandoned it there?

Racism, mental illness 

Been thinking a lot about racism and mental illness lately: how enslaved people were diagnosed with "drapetomania," or the irrational desire to run away. How bigots insist that "everyone" has a racist core waiting to come out. How well meaning white liberals look at the strategic deployment of face and tone when calling the cops as someone "in a momentary breakdown."
The last is particularly insidious, as it denies the coldly rational enactment of racist violence.

Been thinking about this essay today.
As always, be wary of drawing connex. btwn USA and other empires
>Barack Obama and Marcus Aurelius were both afflicted by the same awful curse: to be the poor tragic soul of a ruler burdened unlike all his foolish predecessors with actually understanding the terrible nature of the bloodthirsty machine atop which he sat, and through which his most deeply-held values were ultimately devoured by all the lies of his empire.

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