Did the 2000s quiz today and it was a lot of fun! A bit harder than expected though :) Happy everything went smoothly again!

@Juju Noone can keep up with my level of partying! Everyone else on the floor napping and I'm still going strong!

Welp. I'm home alone, off to start a long weekend and guess what I did? Finished my taxes. Wasn't even on my to do list...
I guess I was cooler at some point in history.

work, male coworkers 

@Juju wow, oh my god...


I'm having a long weekend starting Thursday and I think I wanna bake something but I'm a little uninspired... Sooo... What are your favorite cakes?
Do you have a favorite recipe?

work, RPG 

Welp, it happened. I went into the team meeting with my Gamma Slayers Character name (Hauga) as my screen name. OH BOY.

But my team leader actually right away asked if I had been playing online roleplaying games, like "das schwarze Auge" (The Dark Eye) - I wouldn't have thought she was the type to know that ;D

post-surgery dog, some blood (inside medical tubing) 

@MmeLibertine :( I hope the wounds will heal quickly and that your dog will adjust to the new situation well, hugs to you!


Having some back and hip pain these days, so evening walk it is.

@WizardOfDocs @Juju Hahaha yes, that was the FIRST thing that came to my mind when I thought about it with the visuals of Britney and Justin T. covered in Denim. But when I googled 2000s aesthetic it was predominantly pink and I thought I was maybe off :D Damn, should've asked here!

@Juju hahaha true! Either you're emo or you're covered in pink & glitter!

Remember that 90s quiz I did for my friends? I finished a new one today for the 2000s and it actually turned out longer and there are a couple new cool things. It was fun to research stuff for questions :) I'm not super happy with the aesthetics, I couldn't really think of a "2000s aesthetic" so I rather went for "oh it's 2003 and I have to do a Powerpoint" but it's okay anyway.

Apparently our neighbor that we share a wall with is a fitness instructor and she seems to be doing video courses from home. Particularly on Friday afternoons when I'm happily stretching out on the couch celebrating the beginning of the weekend, I'll hear "yes, like that! Feel your core! Two more repetitions!" and stuff like that and it feels a little bit wrongggg.

vaccination, + 

I received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine on monday.
I had a pretty longlasting local reaction to my last regular vaccination so I was a little wary.

My arm was feeling sore the first day after and some local swelling, second day less pain, swelling was going down. Today there is a bruise left, no pain or swelling. That's good! No other side effects.


@Nasenspray Find ich auch! Man schließt da tatsächlich das Fahrrad an, man hat da eine Buchse versteckt am Rahmen. Da wir eher nicht so viel fahren dass wir zwischendrin aufladen müssten passt das für uns, wir können die im Keller wo sie eh stehen bequem anschließen. Rausnehmen geht für Warungsarbeiten wohl irgendwie, aber ist im Alltag nicht vorgesehen.

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