Remember that 90s quiz I did for my friends? I finished a new one today for the 2000s and it actually turned out longer and there are a couple new cool things. It was fun to research stuff for questions :) I'm not super happy with the aesthetics, I couldn't really think of a "2000s aesthetic" so I rather went for "oh it's 2003 and I have to do a Powerpoint" but it's okay anyway.


@Juju hahaha true! Either you're emo or you're covered in pink & glitter!

@Virelai @Juju my 2000s aesthetic appears to be denim on denim

at least that’s what I’m wearing in 2021 when I feel mentally healthy enough to fulfill my teenage fashion dreams

@WizardOfDocs @Juju Hahaha yes, that was the FIRST thing that came to my mind when I thought about it with the visuals of Britney and Justin T. covered in Denim. But when I googled 2000s aesthetic it was predominantly pink and I thought I was maybe off :D Damn, should've asked here!

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