So I organized this online event which is happening tomorrow.
I just heard that we have 115 participants where we usually only have 70-80. I didn't expect that at all?! Last month we talked about Biking & mobility which is like THE hype topic and we only had 60 participants.... now almost double? I thought this would be too dry. wow.


Which also means that the presentation I'm doing tomorrow is in front of up to 115 people, yikes.

I gave my presentation to my boss over zoom just now and it was good, she was overall really happy but she did notice that I sounded out of breath which ahhh. I always feel like a steam train doing presentations and I guess you can't hide it that well when you're wearing a headset... so aaaaaaaaaaah.



It's a bit weird to hold a presentation with "invisible" audience. Like I know there will be 115 people, yet I'll be sitting there, alone, in my office. Doing the steam train thingy. Awesome.

My sympathy to people that have to do this all the damn time.

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Also happy my boss was preoccupied when we started the video call because the last time I used the software was for my shadowrun group and we're doing a little excursus playing Gammaslayers and I had my character name (Hauga) as my name :D She didn't notice I think.


Happy I finally got to use Hauga for something - when my nephew couldn't pronounce Laura yet, that's what he called me. It always sounded like a strong fat warrior lady to me :D

work, RPG 

@reticuleena yeah, we managed to keep going with our group, just not meeting up in real life anymore. It's not quite as atmospheric but still quite fun and definitely better than nothing! :)

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