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Someone my age shared something on social media that she's glad the internet exists but also that she's glad she grew up without it.
We got internet in 2000, I was 12. And honestly I don't know what kind of person I would be today if it we hadn't.
Opened up a whole wide world for me. As someone from a smaller village inhabited by lots of narrow-minded people... I'm very glad I got to see an alternative to that growing up.


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I also think it was pretty important for me to find other people who felt similar things to me.

I was an active livejournal user and at some point I realized that pretty much everyone there were processing some kind of trauma. Divorce, death of a family member, mental health issues, family issues, bullying. Everyone was seeking refuge.

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As someone who lost a parent, you can feel pretty alone.
The average person in your school class just wouldn't get it and wouldn't know how to handle it (thankfully for them!). So talking with people who are just happily living their lives in their intact core families just never got me anywhere.
I'm convinced the internet and its communities had a good part in helping me through this.

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Livejournal - or the club of kids who weren't okay.

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@Virelai It might sound strange, but my memories of LJ are absolutely different. It was one of the happiest times, and I'm so glad I had it. :)

People with similar interests whom I wouldn't have met in real life if not for LJ. Fandom! :) Creativity. New friends, some of whom are still with me.

LJ was such a haven. Too bad those times are gone.

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@SeventhMagpie Not at all, that's awesome! Don't get me wrong, it WAS fun! And not only a place to vent and grief, but mostly a place for shared interest etc. We talked about so many things!
But somehow, most people I met through livejournal had something they had to work through. Maybe that was just the way I curated my own feed - but I don't think it was - at least not the German Livejournal bubble ;)

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@Virelai Ah, the Germans. :)

Actually, I have a feeling that the Germans did have somewhat darker mood, both on LJ and on Dreamwidth. I've had plenty on my timeline on DW. All of them were nice people, but with issues, yes. So I've always thought it was just how the Germans were. :) As in: "There is no fun in Germany, get back to work!" :)

childhood musings, internet, livejournal, trauma 

@Virelai Oh man, I miss LiveJournal!

childhood musings, internet, livejournal, trauma 

@virtualwolf I do too!!

childhood musings, internet, livejournal, trauma 

@Virelai I feel called out. 😅️

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