So much pressure in my eeears, waah :( That most probably means that the cold is almost behind me but meeeeh.

@Virelai I use a natural product called Clear Sinus and Ear - works wonders for me and no nasty side effects.

@whiskeykitten Interesting, I usually just endure until its gone

@Virelai Give it a shot, seriously. It's reasonably priced (I initially got mine from a health food store, but then found it cheaper on Amazon) and really works.
I also use their product for tinnitus which works just as well.

@Virelai I get sinus issues - and used to get vertigo as well because of it - whenever the pressure changes and I was miserable most of the time.
Decided to give this stuff a try and BAMM, no more vertigo and as long as I take it as I feel the symptoms begin, it works SO well.

@whiskeykitten hmmm, like vertigo when you ride a car/bus/train sometimes? Get those too... or gameing sickness...
I'll read up on this, thank you! ;)

@Virelai Yes, vertigo as in spinning room, nausea, woozy wooshy head feeling and unable to stand upright.
I'm VERY skeptical about natural stuff and I was so pleasantly surprised.

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