I'm curious, does something like Patreon exist where the people do not decide to give 2$/month, but where instead there is for example a monthly cost of 120$ for something and it is distributed between all "patrons" (probably best with a settable max amount for every person)

Let's say 50 people are patrons for this 120$ monthly thing. It would be 2.40$ for everyone.
a) everyone pays 2.40, if someone has, say a max of 1.50, the 90c will be missing from the goal.
b) like a, but the missing can be filled with money from people having higher maxes.
c) like a, but missing can be filled with money having higher maxes who opted-in that their money can be used to fill up to the goal

@Virelai Flattr worked with this as a goal.

But unfortunately they've teamed up with some other people which I don't quite agree with.

(reference, I worked with Flattr in 2011)

@Virelai wait I maybe misunderstood.

It's the other way around "I want to support with x amount of money every month" and then it's split between the people you support.

@maloki yeah, I remember flattr, liked the splitting concept! But yeah, in this case I was thinking to set the goal and let the money that the user pays be flexible instead of the money the organization/person/whatever is getting. Would be interesting for cases when people only want money to cover costs, nothing else.

@Virelai @maloki at we solve the too much money over cost problem by giving the excess either thru patreon or otherwise to community orgs as decided by the members who contributw.

@britvulcan @Virelai this is nice. I have a goal on my patreon at $250 to give away 10 loans on 😊

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