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Eye contact, #MastoVoice, Introductions 

So, following, here are my , and be assured it was super awkward filming this. Phew. But here, go and enjoy my double chin.

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I'm late to the , but here it goes. I'm 30, she/her, from . I work as a environmental scientist at a university, pursuing a PhD degree. I need some skills to do that.
I'm fairly into , especially like and .
I enjoy a lot, I also started playing about a year ago.
like or have quite a few hours on my steam account.
Plus: Trying to improve my ;)

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I've got a series of blog posts going into the structural details of different knitting stitches. Today I posted an explanation of the structure of m1 (the increase that involves lifting and knitting the bar between two stitches on the row below.)

#knitting #FiberArts #FibreArts


When you send out an email to 30 people and get 10 out of office mails back....
Only slightly jealous.

At least I had two days off too, to celebrate the Boys Birthday. Going to be a short week, whoop whoop!

The Boy is off doing trying out a new RPG that I'm not joining, but I'm having a good one myself.

video conferencing 

Or you know,
someone does it the German way: Slapping both palms on to your upper thighs/knees and saying "SO.", while getting up.

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video conferencing 

I like video conferencing for the most part, but the end of them always feels awkward. "Anyone got something to say? No? Okay then good bye? yes? okay? bye!"
Or maybe I'm just bad at wrapping things up which I think I may be.

But I do think in a physical meeting it is getting more obvious that people are agreeing that this is wrapping up. Closing laptops/notebooks, packing away pens, finishing your coffee/water, people getting restless etc.

Actual conversation between me and the boy:
Me: oh, hey, let's take a detour to those garbage cans, I think someone planted painted nettles on top of the storage thingie, I wanna take a look!
Boy: you ...what?
Me: now look at those! Gorgeous! *Takes pictures*

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If you want to see before/after pictures of the towns and areas hit by the flooding here in #Germany, you can find some here

US, vaccines, conspiracies 

Actually - less than half, 46%, were sure that the above statement is DEFINITELY FALSE.

You can look at the data here:

n was 1500.

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US, vaccines, conspiracies 

20 % of us American adults think that the statement "The U.S. government is using the COVID-19 vaccine to microchip the population" is definitely or probably true, an additional 14 % aren't sure.
In other words, in 3 people, only 2 are sure that they aren't getting micro-chipped with a vaccine.



*stressing* Am I prepared enough for this meeting with those important people?! Am I professional enough?!

Absolutely pleasant exchange 🥰

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Plant progress pictures bring me joy.

Also good reminder for next time when I (again) think "oh boy this looks sad, did I buy enough flowers?!"

Mild injury 

Had my first fall with the bike, if you could call it that... I lost my balance when I wanted to start on a somewhat steep and uneven ground. Despite kinda falling over in slow motion, scratched up my elbow and already developed quite a big bruise where the bike fell on me. It looks scary but I just bruise so easily!

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Welcome to The One About Non-English Songs Vol. 2.
Volume 1 was done back in the day when @PostMasterGeneral was still doing the playlist, in case you were wondering why you might have missed it.
Here we go:
Thanks to everyone participating!

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@Kiki die Daumen sind gedrückt! Viel Erfolg und nette Prüfer wünsche ich! ❤️💪

Fatness, link to music video 

I hope that in a couple of years, videos like this feel less revolutionary. They still do for me.

We biked to a local park, had to circumvent 4 wedding/family photograph sets, one time was given the option to a) balance on the 5cm/2inch edge of a bridge b) step into the ditch the bridge is going over c) step on a wedding dress... Thank you very much for your consideration.

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