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I'm late to the , but here it goes. I'm 30, she/her, from . I work as a environmental scientist at a university, pursuing a PhD degree. I need some skills to do that.
I'm fairly into , especially like and .
I enjoy a lot, I also started playing about a year ago.
like or have quite a few hours on my steam account.
Plus: Trying to improve my ;)

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I have less physical Christmas presents this year which means that I'm pretty much done with getting presents (✌️), but I barely have anything to wrap :oh_no: and I really like wrapping presents...

I'm seeing myself sitting at the job center three weeks from now: "I wasn't supposed to be out of work - my new contract is unfortunately stuck in administration... yeah I know, AGAIN! Just like three month ago... BuT tHiS TiMe iT's bEcAuSe Of ThE HaCkErS, you know, totally not my fault *puts on wildest look*"

Looks like it's going to take a while, it seems there was novel malware used in the cyber attack and it'll take time to figure it out.

So I'll stay in Home Office a little longer.

As you might now, I'm regularly using gifs on my anki vocabulary flashcards. I was adding the french word for hiccups and looked through giphy and... let's just say I wasn't disappointed when I found this:

The university I work for was hit by cyber attack, everything is offline. No internet, no servers, no websites since yesterday. They're about to put out a temporary website to keep us informed, so far they could only update via twitter and such... Crazy times. They're not sure when they can put everything back up. I'm in home office anyway today but wow.

Did the first christmas-y thing for this season, if you don't count eating themed candy & baked goods at least! I bought chalk markers a while ago for a board game and social media just reminded me what normal people use this for. I can't draw well :blobross: but it was fun anyhow and it's not permanent, so :thinkergunsunglasses:

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An hour later, my boss send out an e-mail with the same info, apparently he overlooked the mail my coworker send. Subject matter he chose? "important" and then wrote that it's a crazy world where you sometimes miss the most important things, like the coffee machine working again.

Yes, we're very fond of our coffee!

Co-worker sends e-mail through work mailing list with subject matter "working morale" and I'm like wtf is he onto. I braced myself and opened the mail.
... he informed us that the Number 1 way to restore working morale was available again: he fixed the coffee machine.

Good man, very good man.

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Whoop whoop, 300 day streak for my french vocabulary using ! Mon dieu!

I have cast on a small project, the Badlands Mitts by Kathryn Folkerth ( They have a subtle textured pattern using slipped stitches and some wandering 1x1 ribbing. Using Filcolana Indiecita, 100% alpaca which has been in my stash forever and it's pretty perfect for the project. Color is hard to capture, it's a little subdued/greyed down green/blue melange color (named aqua mist melange)

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