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I'm late to the , but here it goes. I'm 30, she/her, from . I work as a environmental scientist at a university, pursuing a PhD degree. I need some skills to do that.
I'm fairly into , especially like and .
I enjoy a lot, I also started playing about a year ago.
like or have quite a few hours on my steam account.
Plus: Trying to improve my ;)

Dear community - have you used tools like this? Some kind of comb to reduce pilling on your knitting? Do you think it's ok/good or damaging? I've been knitting for a while, but today is the first time I actually used one on these fingerless mittens there were slightly felted at the top - worked well for the slightly fluffed parts but not so much for the really felted ones - probably should have done it sooner? ;)

So yeah, I have just recently tooted about wips on my needles that I should finish but well, who likes to be reasonable? Not me.
Instead I cast on the Oil paint cowl by Amy van de Laar which I fell in love with on Insta a while ago. The combination of marled and stranded colorwork is quite fun!

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I just had one of these moments where you start laughing even though it's not that funny and then you can't stop but you try to which just makes you laugh harder until you start to cry and your belly hurts. Phew. All laughed and cried out now, oh my god. Pretty sure my belly muscles will be sore tomorrow!

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I started playing - the game, that is in the dystopian humble bundle right now. I'm a few hours in and I really like it so far!

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Ugh, amazing. Forgot my luggage on a bus on the way to the airport in some french city. IN MY DREAMS. I mean, I know myself - it could happen! Thank god I'm not planning on flying anywhere soon.

@julia You seem to be on my mind! I just wanted to ask a colleague about his girlfriend (whos also a friend of mine?!?!) and instead asked about Julia! Which super confused him because that's his ex's name. JULIA. JULIA. JULIA. What's happening to me?!

Just wanted to try and contact the delivery firm where an international parcel of mine has been stuck for 2 weeks in a loop and I just found myself in a loop too. "Please contact xy". Ok, fine. "oh no, please contact the international contact" Ok? "You have to contact xy". ...ok. "As the parcel is sent internationally, please contact the international contact"... ok thank you, I give up.

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Trying to explain to a Welsh mate that "ja" means "yes", but "jaja" means "Kiss my ass".

German is weird.

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Finally took the time this weekend to edit my vacation pictures... I guess I would like to go back now, please?

"Welcome to..." was on our to buy list for , unfortunately it was sold out. While there is a Kickstarter going on for reprinting, we managed to buy a copy online. We love it! And we laminated 2 sheets to make them last ;) Well thought through game!

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