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I'm late to the , but here it goes. I'm 30, she/her, from . I work as a environmental scientist at a university, pursuing a PhD degree. I need some skills to do that.
I'm fairly into , especially like and .
I enjoy a lot, I also started playing about a year ago.
like or have quite a few hours on my steam account.
Plus: Trying to improve my ;)

Quite mesmerizing to watch - The most populous cities in the world (1500 - 2018)

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Some easy-to-care-for plant suggestions for beginners:

β€’ Chlorophytum (spider plant)
β€’ Dracaena (any species)
β€’ Pothos vine (Epipremnum aureum)
β€’ Heartleaf philodendron
β€’ Rubber plant
β€’ Pilea (Chinese money plant)
β€’ Peperomia (any species)
β€’ Bromeliad (most varieties, but Guzmania is probably the easiest)
β€’ Peace lily
β€’ Snake plant

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Friend tells us that her 3yo sometimes names his play animals after me, my Boy T and a mutual friend A
Us to 3yo: "ohhh, really? What are we?"
3yo: "Well... A is an Antelope."
Us: "Oh wow, that's a great fit! And T?"
3yo: "..... he's a cow!"
Us: *giggling* "And Laura?"
3yo: "...She's a flower!


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Hello boardgame people.
Does anyone also have the #TabletopSimulator (currently 10€ btw and feels like playing boardgames from time to time, without voice chat (at least at first. I have social anxiety and that freaks me the heck out.)

We did it! The corners were a pain but we did it! Yay! Our balcony is so much prettier now!

Project for today. The balcony floor was the thing I didn't like about our flat, I thought we could maybe do something about it back when we moved in but we got discouraged because the balcony has a weird shape and there would be a lot of small edges but now we're doing this anyway! The straight pieces were really quick to do, now it's getting to the difficult part.

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My favourite extinct monster is anomalocaris. Creatures during the Cambrian period were so strange looking. Which makes them interesting! Anomalocaris was basically a gigantic brine shrimp with an appetite for anything smaller than itself. Which was everything, because it was the largest animal in the world when it was alive!

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Funnily, the closest living relative of opabinia is probably the tardigrade.

Tardigrades are tiny, near-microscopic invertebrates which are found all over the world. They're also famous for being incredibly resilient, being able to survive things which would kill most other animals instantly – including extremes of temperature and pressure, dehydration, air deprivation, and radiation exposure. In experiments, they've even survived brief exposure to space.

Confession: I've read up on the US school/college/university system 100 times at least but it never 100% sticks and most probably I'll be forever confused when trying to compare it to the German System...

So much pressure in my eeears, waah :( That most probably means that the cold is almost behind me but meeeeh.

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EA have published a study of US gamers which found:
* 56% feel it's "important" for games to be inclusive
* Only 7% would be less likely to play games with inclusive features
* More respondents are concerned about toxicity in the games industry than microtransactions/DLC (61% vs 49%)

Asking my dad for advice on a home improvement diy and he comes flying with sketching paper and a pencil, preparing a little illustration on what do do and where I can find the necessary tools in his garage. <3
His technical drawing skills back from University still serving the entire family, yay!

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I was trying to find something yesterday and looked all over but couldn't find it. However, I found another thing I was desperately looking for and was about to rebuy. The thing I found was my tiny bag of bulb safety pins I use as stich markers for my ... and it was right there, where I looked for it a million times before... whyyy? how?!
Sigh. Next time I'm looking for something, hopefully I'll find the missing project bag....

It's hard to knit and cry at the same time!! help!!!

Thinking: I'm not going to continue this project today, I have to rip back to fix an error and I don't want to do that tonight.
Me: Goes out, finds an old project, tries to figure out how to continue with it, knits for an hour, then: wait, that doesn't look right... did I pack away that project because it had an error in it? BECAUSE IT SURE DOES.
Why do I always do that to myself. I should add a note, but I always think I get back to it soon and I'm sure I'll remember.

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