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Guess who's moving again.

Please unfollow this account. You can follow my new account at @Vigdis

@gordon yo, tu pourrais me virer de l'alias ? :)

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#Announcement #Mastodon
We are Live with our first iteration of which is going to serve as the Mastodon landing page for new users.

It is still a Work In Progress, but we are now sufficiently far along to be able to share it with you.
We want to make it easier for new users to join up.

Feedback thread

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Traffic light is red,
But I follow you.

Toi aussi fais ta culture musicale avec du ytp

landry@ sur irc: "Vigdis: t'es vraiment un putain de troll en fait :)"
:D \o/

I should bring some food next time to befriend some cute squirrels

I'm still depressed af, but at least I get to be in a nice place.

I don't have the impostor/fraud syndrome. Ask me anything.

Montréal is a bit of a pain to ride with all the potholes, stop every 20m and traffic lights every 100m but quite happy of my performance

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Are you a
🎨 visual artist
🎼 musician
📝 writer
📽 filmmaker
🎮 gamedev
#artist in the most general sense of the word?

Do you use
or other #FLOSS / #OpenSource software
as part of your workflow?

Do you use #linux as your OS when creating/performing?

consider tagging:
🐧 #artwithopensource
🐧 #linuxartists
(or reply here with your own tags)

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Surprise par la sociabilité de cette charmante vache espagnole, je n'ai pas eu le temps de l'empêcher de lécher mon objectif, mais j'ai pu l'immortaliser juste avant !! 😂
#photographie #nature #nonmaisquellerigolade

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