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Chat is no documentation
RAID is no backup

I really do not understand why some people NEED to see others' faces on Zoom to have a conversation with them

if being naked and smoking weed is nsfw then it's not my kind of work 💅

For everyone in or near Boston (USA), I'll be around at the end of the month (30/31 August)! If you have any ideas about the organisation of a meeting, a signing session, a pleinair sketch group, or a Krita workshop, contact me. It's first time I'll visit US! ☺️

the reason why gordon ramsay is popular is that kitchen nightmares presents a scenario where a man will come into your workplace, listen to you and your coworkers, and then yell at your boss for you

Me casually finding out my father-in-law follows the 3-2-1 rule for his (1 person) business data 🤩

exploring new coffee shops and eating a PB and J (selfie, boosts ok)

Microsoft has asked Lenovo to make it harder to boot Linux on their computers.

obviously I know some really cool people who work at Microsoft but it's very funny to me that people have been harping on us FOSS types for not instantly forgiving them for 20 years of malice, and now we've got this. [1]

when Microsoft is asking manufacturers to prevent people from booting other OSes and not communicating as to why, they are positioning themselves as the enemy. it's that simple. if they want to be trusted by Linux users, they need to earn that trust.

we're about 2y away, by my estimation, from living in a bizarro world where x86 PCs are less open to free desktops than ARM Macs.


Crypto-idealists: so you could have a concert ticket that couldn’t be resold for more than face value! Smart Contracts!

Me, an ancient: but can it be transferred for free? Because here’s my site where you pay me $300 and I transfer it to you for free. Or if it must always be resold for, say, $75–pay me $75 in smart contract and $225 in Visa that the smart contract never sees.

I’ve lived through DRM, kids. Humans will break your unbreakable thing 6 ways in a day.

saw someone on the birbsite spell out GC (as in the cat of "feminist" that isn't feminism) to "genital creepers" and that's all I'll be calling them from now on (also still them TERFs but)

When an NHL team hires a woman onto staff they always seem to have 4 Olympic medals, a PhD, and 10 years experience in player development.

When an NHL team hires a man onto staff, they have like 5 years experience as an NHL player (but not like a good player) and 3 years coaching their kid's U14 team.

Anyway. #NHL

someone please explain to me why I'm crying like a baby at every new episode of the Seth MacFarlane star trek show 😩 the 'new horizons' season has heavy hitters every ep

the world is on fire and I did a thing today, i feel like i can stop working now :blobheartcat:

just gave the opening keynote at with my colleague Limor Peer, talking about our series of community conversations last year on reproducility ( & ending with our 5 big takeaways from them :heart_cybre:

1. Reproducibility work should not designated as ‘extra’ and should be rewarded
2. Do reproducibility work with students as a matter of course
3. Just because it’s easy to use doesn’t make it the optimal tool
4. Computational reproducibility changes the definition of scholarly communication (& how we preserve it)
5. It starts in the mirror - but you’re not alone!


Still don't do peer review for Big E. Not no way, not no day.

(I was polite in my refusal.)

Pity, it looked like an interesting piece.

"manufactured outrage" lmao. why don't you manufacture some satisfaction by asking people what they need once in a decade

No one person, group, team, company, or co-op can meaningfully improve the sorry state of software if governments won't at least mandate the following:

- Interoperable communication
- Standardized data formats
- Self-serve data import/export

...and that's just scratching the surface.

if you are building a brand new social media platform and it is not self-hosted and private by default, you are absolutely doing it wrong

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