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We must be careful what we post and even say in the vicinity of powered, networked devices. Privacy is dead and the kleptofascists are coming for our liberty and autonomy, both physical & social. They are in control of the major institutions of state and economy, and they are not done trying to exploit us for profit, divide us for power, and de-educate and disempower us for compliance. We can't play around any more, because, as stupid and incompetent as they are, they haven't been & won't

The US doesn't stand for anything we say we do. We don't care about liberty and justice for all. We aren't the land of opportunity. We're in a tyrannical police state that has lost any semblance of common sense. I don't think we should bother pretending we're the best anymore.

My favorite O Brother, Where Are Thou? trivia is that George Clooney had his Kentuckian dad record all his lines so that Clooney could listen to and memorize them with the proper accent. When Clooney showed up for filming and started saying his lines, the Coens were like "dude what is wrong with you, why aren't you saying the swears?" and that is when Clooney realized his dad had substituted all the swears with gosh darns and shoots.

our paper is up! from Sarah & I -- "Who writes scholarly code?"

a deep dive into the survey data from about the motives & practices of folks using version control for coding in academia :heart_cybre:


currently doing a face mask and a hand mask in my office at work during an online class

senioritis + burnout = a bit of chaos mode


- Moved repo to, and development has resumed with new contributors!

- Site is now at!

- Chat is at, on IRC/Matrix

- Forum is moving to

- Gitea federation is WIP

- I've resumed work on Vervis, intending to relaunch it and put federated patches/MRs in the spec

- Simplified 1st spec draft is WIP

- I may step down at some point, project future seems bright now ^_^


if you are interested in scholarly communications () this is a MUST-READ/WATCH

"D-lib magazine pioneered web-based scholarly communication" -- Michael Nelson & @hvdsomp


D-lib REMAINS the single best publication that has been. If overlay journals can't be the future, we should be replicating D-lib. D-lib deserves all the flowers

so t-mobile told me i need to change my phone by july to something compatible with their new networks

anyone have everyday phone reccs? no ios devices plz

I don't know who would find this useful, but at work today I was reminded that I used to run this command when I did digital archives work and wanted a rough count of what file types are in a directory

find . -type f -exec file {} \; | cut -d ':' -f 2 | cut -d ',' -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -k 1

no one wants to talk about the active war between two non-human species & the active world war between humans in stardew and i think about both a lot

Had a question about bots, so here's some info:

Some accounts on Mastodon are marked as "bot" by their owners. It just means that the posts are automated and there's probably no one monitoring the account.

To mark your account as a "bot", log in through the website, click on "Edit Profile", tick "this is a bot account" and then click "save changes".

Some bots *are* monitored by their developers though, who may answer on the bot's behalf.

Also, some bots are actually interactive and the bot itself will reply to you in an automated way. A good example of this is the text adventure bot at:


#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Bots #Bot #Fediverse

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even the most well-meaning white folks in power just do not have the coping mechanisms to deal with being criticized in the gentlest, most respectful possible way.

this is a reminder that, at least in many dominant parts of the US, folks still treat it as worse to be implicated in racism than to be subjected to the abuse of white supremacy. and the tactic of avoiding being implicated in racism is to shut out voices who might say so.

However, while performing a security audit of the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, security researcher Zach Edwards discovered that while the browser blocks Google and Facebook trackers, it allowed Microsoft trackers to continue running.

DuckDuckGo CEO and Founder Gabriel Weinberg confirmed that their browser intentionally allows Microsoft trackers third-party sites due to a search syndication agreement with Redmond.


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