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the episode of futurama I rewatch the most is "crimes of the hot"

do with that what you will

Hey friends! As a reminder, crisis pregnancy centers (which frame themselves as offering abortion then work to push visitors toward anti-choice outcomes) will likely see a lot of traffic and “good press” as anti-abortion action proceeds. These centers often traumatize and outright lie to visitors about their options, e.g. by intentionally misleading you to delay abortion until it is illegal.

In case you were curious, there are resources to find these businesses in your area.

Scully completely wrecks a local coroner with a single stare. Mulder accidentally offends a civil war reenactor by ranting about evil AIs.

Votes for the poll are closed now. What a... hum hum... "lovely?" color. 😆

Thank you for all the participations! Now I'll try to paint a fantasy landscape with this one as my dominant color. I'll toot it here soon.

( If other artists around want to give this challenge a try , we can tag our toots with the hex address: #5b7376 to collect and discover them )

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Do y'all know any librarians who are into citizen science? STEM librarians (as in, that's their job) a plus.

Asking for a colleague working on a grant application.

🎨 A painting/Fediverse experimentation:

With percentages of Red, Green and Blue, you can obtain a precise RGB color definition.

So, please vote for one or more color channel and with the mix of all the votes, I'll challenge myself to paint a fantasy landscape, using the result as the dominant color.

(PS: I'm doing full time inking/penciling on episode 37 and a bit of colored art cool-down would be great! Also I need a bit of 'Fedifun' this week. Thanks for your votes and boosts! )

To all who celebrate:

May the fourth be with you.

resist rebel rebuild

ordered Greek food that will arrive after I give my final project presentation in class :chefkiss:

I see that #ProgrammingHistorian is seeking to hire a part-time, remote "Education and Community Lead":

Key duties:

- train educators to use PH lessons
- develop community activities for current + potential partner orgs
- work across Spanish, French, and Portuguese


Installing an adblocker is the gateway drug into anti-consumerism, which is in turn the gateway drug into anti-capitalism.

Tell all your friends how to install adblockers.

Just like... mute people. Mute a lot of people. Mute whole instances.

If a person or a group of people are routinely throwing trash memes on your timeline, or talking about rough topics without CWs or whatever, you don't have to be the Politeness Police, just fuckin' Beal Toss them out of your headspace and get back in your lane.

I promise you its fine.

uspol, resistance, risk, safety, communications 

Social media, including the fediverse, is not secure or safe. Do not organize resistance, mutual aid, civil disobedience, etc. via these platforms. Fascists and opportunists WILL try to exploit these channels to disrupt, defame, threaten, injure, and kill, all in the interest of sadism and profit.

In person, without devices, with people you know is best. End-to-end encrypted apps are second best.

My theory is that there is a finite number of socks that can exist in the universe. As we create more socks, other socks must spontaneously disappear, for example from my laundry basket


if only anyone progressive had control over the legislative and executive branches of the USA, then maybe we could get some fucking help on this

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if we lose federal abortion protections we'll be backsliding so far back IDK what to even do

i guess get my IUD changed out (it's about that time anyway) and try to stockpile birth control and plan B for others

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SCOTUS leak is a big deal and I hope it was from someone trying to warn all of us what could be coming because WOW

trying to the number of medical marijuana patients by state by year is a fucking mess in the year of our Mistress 2022

going manually through a bunch of PDFs all day and I'm not even at 5 states :(

send me your fave kubuntu customizations! just did a fresh 22.04 install. Bonus points if you have a cute theme that is flat + light

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