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What are your wishlist items for accessible, simple to use P2P/distributed technology?

Welp, this has become the first class I've had that uses TurnItIn in my current MS CS. Extremely bummed :/

I got Boosted™️ yesterday and my left armpit (I got the shot in my left arm) hurts 😬 what a weird side effect

this morning I forgot the word "writer" and wrote "textual artist" instead :blobcat_ohnoes:


L O L to get an email from the head HR officer at NYU asking me to donate money to them

bitch you underpaid me by 20K for like 5 years, fuck you

extremely sappy, MIL + 

when my jolie-maman calls me "pretty girl" in English bc it's the direct translation of "petite-fille" which is daughter-in-law in French 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭

I started playing Magic again but honestly there are so new elements that ruin the fun for me, mainly the DnD integration with special 'class' cards and stuff. It's so unnecessary

Can you please send me your favorite electronics, open source software, free media, and computer literacy propaganda posters?

Level of patience for the maliciously unvaccinated is approaching critical

(< 1%) ■□□□□□□□□□

the archives and the news 

Within minutes of my friends texting me about the Rittenhouse verdict, I was digging around in the records from the Law School. There was an open letter from the local Federalist Society chapter in 1993 saying "how DARE other students call us Hitler Youth" Wonder how many of those who signed are now presiding in courtrooms deciding cases

eternally screaming "the purpose of a system is what it does" at all the vbnmw types

the democrats have not effectively fulfilled a single major campaign promise in my entire life. do better

im promising you something big is going to happen in Florida with everything going on with our gov making protesting illegal for anyone involved but only going after left wing and applauding right wing protesters. you can be arrested and charged with a felony now for just being AT a protest, they will falsely call it a riot if ONE PERSON does something theyll blame everyone there no matter how small.

My journal prompt for today was "write your eulogy - how do you want to be remembered?"

And pheewwwww memento mori y'all

NYU Libraries is hiring an Open Scholarship Librarian 🔓 and I get to co-chair the search!

This person will be working in the scholarly communications () and info policy department on outreach, instruction, repository services, and (of course) supporting open initiatives

Taking applications now -

follow Mastodon accounts through RSS if you prefer:

1. Go to the profile page of the account you want to follow.

2. Click on the profile picture to open its public profile page.

3. Copy the public profile page's URL and add .rss to the end of it, then add this address to your feed reader.

For example, to follow FediTips via RSS, use the address in your feed reader.

(Note that this only works for that account's public @feditips - 2/3

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Fuck McGruff the Cop, in this house we stan Scoodles, dog of Many Crimes

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