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I assign Christine Borgman as foundational reading in my class and I'm about to be on a panel with her 😳

where are the digital preservation related discord emojis

time to try and upgrade the OS on my pinephone so I can start trying to use it more everyday!!

Software Preservation Network will be hosting a "show and tell"-style discussion with two amazing practitioners (@VickyRampin and @elenarchivist ) next week!

Our software heritage is more than Doom, Clippy, and the Space Jam web site. Please join in for a fun discussion of some other software stories and the work SPN members do.

Details and registration here:

gender + pronouns, asking question 

so I use she or they pronouns not because of my gender, but because I simply don't care about which pronouns people use for me.

I hadn't considered this problematic, but someone on the birbsite mentioned they also use the same pronouns for the same reason and that someone told them it was a problematic thing to do.

I...don't get that, and searching around the internet hasn't been fruitful. Is choosing pronouns based on preference and not gender problematic?

heres my most recent digital pet portaits sooooo hmu for commissions, $20 starting rate! dm for q’s

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the ARL numbers back me up on this, btw, i'm not just being edgy

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writing a thing in which I'll probably just come out and say "the biggest threat to the future job security of library workers are library administrators"

never realized how much of a latch-key kid I was until I cried during the 2 minute video where Steve from Blue's Clues talks about how abruptly he left the show for the 25th anniversary of the show

gripe about MPOW 

going into the library today and got an email from NYU with suggestions of "how to tell people to put their mask on nicely" :eyeroll: :eyeroll:

I'm fucking done with that like 2 years into this pandemic, unmasked library patrons are getting "excuse me you need to be wearing a mask in the library" in my most authoritative voice

anyone have a favourite project management tool for tracking both software development + non-software dev tasks?

are you interested in ...
♾ curating research software for long-term reuse
♾ talking with researchers across many domains about software management
♾ working in a highly collaborative team

then you should apply to be the Software Curation Specialist at NYU, working with me directly:

might be one of my spiciest GLAM takes but...I seriously do not understand the cult of personality around Cliff Lynch or why people care what he has to say at all

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