indigenous people hunting seal or boar are not the problem and you know that. harness all your inner karen energy and take it to the agricultural and livestock industries. take it to nestle who steals water reserves from indigenous land to bottle up and sell them.

when you berate indigenous people who eat meat for survival, because they live in fucking Nunavut where a head of lettuce costs $20 or because our ancestral lands once used for agriculture were destroyed either by colonizers or by climate change, all you're saying is you'd rather we all die. HARD pass

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mh(-) @ work 

@Greg I feel this a lot :/ solidarity & hope you can do something fun after work.

@andrewjbtw I can give you all the materials for my software engineering class, which was 100% about writing documents + learning all types of software diagrams possible (like BPRM type stuff)

@edsu I've seen a lot of people using bots in their repositories to automate "housekeeping" tasks, like there a bot that auto closes issues after they're open a certain # of days. JOSS (the journal hosted on GitHub) uses "whedonbot" to facilitate peer review

Scully is once again the target of a cursed serial killer. Mulder urgently seeks popcorn.

@mark I would suggest looking at another type of archiving method, such as web archiving via memento tracer or webrecorder's autopilot

@mark I have a technical answer but it seems like your problem is more copyright/IP related?

Does anyone know of a way forward with Twitter v2 API when your small, academic archive doesn't qualify for the Academic Research track? The problem we have is that we don't have a research question to pursue, we are just archiving tweets about our college, for the benefit of future researchers. This approach doesn't seem to fit with Twitter's "tracks".

Any thoughts are appreciated.

@axfelix @andrewjbtw I work with him on a committee about tech-enhanced education and boy I have a lot to say XD


I'm so tired I can feel the bags under my eyes

u ever want to make an awful shitpost but turns out the french already did a film about it

self put down, others raise up 

@Greg @craigmaloney thank you both. it's weirdly been the hardest semester of my higher ed life this semester and I just want it to be done.

self put down, others raise up 

@mood thank you for these kind words!

self put down, others raise up 

jfc all the other students in my master's program are so much smarter than me it's wild

Kindle book to epub file, help? 

@Greg how'd it turn out?

@drb yeah people treat library workers like shit across the board

giraffe levels are 88% and rising

(88%) ■■■■■■■■□□

Kindle book to epub file, help? 

@Greg you have to get the kindle desktop app, which downloads the azw file to your computer, which you can then drag + drop into Calibre

Kindle book to epub file, help? 

@Greg get the Kindle DRM Removal plugin for Calibre and then after you remove the DRM, use Calibre to convert to epub

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