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@rebel_luddite I will NEVER encourage researchers to rely on THEMSELVES for long-term access to materials! As soon as they stop paying for the domain it goes away. Put that shit in an archive or repository!

I would only talk about open source + scholar led tools in this seminar, like all my workshops that deal with making research reproducible

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I got an offer to get 500 pounds to do 2 seminar sessions BUT they are co-sponsored by Elsevier (and a university).

BUT I fucking hate Elsevier and getting $$ from them would in no way hinder me from publicly expressing that.

But I am pretty torn about what to do. What do y'all think?

The invite said:
> Would you be able and willing to present a lecture which focuses, more specifically on which actions can researchers take to make their research more reproducible?

twitter thread re: NYPD cop robot weaknesses

The most important takeaway here is that there is a handle underneath the robot, slightly forward of center, that one pulls to release the battery pack. A robot with no batteries isn't a functional robot, so be sure to move away as soon as you feel the catch release and the battery drop free.

Secondarily, *do not under any circumstances grab the robot by the joints.* It *will* break, if not outright *amputate,* fingers that are caught in its moving parts.

Third, all of its sensing systems are optical and spray paint is cheap and unregulated. (don't buy spray paint just to do crimes with it, kids.)

And finally, from further in the thread: "There is, of course, military versions in the works that probably get rid of most of these vulnerabilities but police departments are buying the civilian ones just cause they can."

In an upcoming @ieeesoftware #paper I've conducted a longitudinal #genderstudy of authors of #publiccode commits from @swheritage, analyzing 1.6 billion commits contributed by 33 million distinct authors over a period of 50 years. Short thread w/ links at the end 👇 #FOSS [1/6]

@VickyRampin yep! as John pointed out there's one on both HAL (see John's link) and arXiv (here: ).

when higher ups talk about your work pretty specifically without mentioning your name ever...................

@zacchiro Zack the paper is paywalled! Where's the OA version that surely exists? HAL?

Anyone have reccs for home printers that don't take too much space, and can scan and print from Linux with relative ease? AKA no printers that need a specific app to print.

if you like rap, do NOT sleep on Snow tha Product

she is the most underrated rapper I have heard possibly ever

the GFM for the white supremacist ex-librarian who wanted to rap at Smiff is over 200K now FFS :blimey: :blobangery:

Are you on #Matrix? Come join the new engrXiv room to chat, ask questions, or just follow along with new preprints.

@platypus it's like a fancy final report for Sloan for the conclusion of IASGE and while Josh is very cool about stuff like this, the guidelines say prose :/

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