what pens are people using for their reMarkable 2's? I cannot stand having to replace the nibs anymore on the stock pen that comes with it, I have to do it so often. What are the alternatives y'all are using? MUST support the eraser function

@VickyRampin alas mine doesn't so if you wanna know what I'm using, I can share (I use the old pen for erasing)

@platypus yeah do share! having the old pen on hand for that is definitely do-able for me

@VickyRampin I got the: LAMY AL-Star Black EMR Stylus

and did have to put in a nib from my current Remarkable, so there's that I guess... also in theory there's a button I could program to erase stuff. I don't know how nib replacement normally goes but it feels a LOT less fragile than the official one.

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