is SUCH a joyless space and it's so sad because there are so many amazing people doing amazing things.......and then the great news about an OA policy at the USA federal level comes out and everyone immediately Eeyores

listen, I get being realistic but there needs to SOME celebration and joy

are oligarchs in scholarly publishing gonna oligarch? YES

but this is a victory towards a SOCIAL and POLITICAL shift to open access? ALSO YES. Have a fucking cookie y'all

@VickyRampin and a lot of the eeyoring seems to be based on "this will allow/require gold"?

which it, um, explicitly doesn't?

@dsalo yeah there's a lot of FUD on the birbsite over this exact point that's frustrating

@VickyRampin feel free to RT my frustrated yelly tweet about that

honestly, we're freakin' librarians, we are supposed to know better

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