My final project is due at 5pm tonight and it's all I'm doing today.

After this is submitted, I need to finish my internship by Friday.

Then my degree is officially motherfucking D O N E

I can actually go back to working normal number of hours and having a life again (COVID and monkeypox pending...) and maybe recovering from a year of GI sickness lolololol

@VickyRampin oh my gosh!!! I'm so impressed -- it's been a hell of ... years... to do anything. Let alone getting through that whole degrfee

@platypus thank you 🥺 it's been an uphill struggle and without a lot of support I definitely wouldn't have made it

@VickyRampin heck yeah!! I'm so glad you are D O N E and can hopefully get rid of at least this one source of stress and time. hope you celebrate well!

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