so t-mobile told me i need to change my phone by july to something compatible with their new networks

anyone have everyday phone reccs? no ios devices plz

@VickyRampin I'm a big fan of using the commercial SailfishOS release if you can get away with it, not every Android app will work well on it (in particular it's a gamble if you really need Google Play Services) but many do and the experience of the OS and native applications for it is far better than Android. Compatible Sony phones can be surprisingly cheap.

Alas for my own part some stuff has me stuck on real Android (ex. my bank app), and the "a" series of Pixels has been my primary mobiles.

I usually use this as a starting point:

If it's compatible with postmarketOS, it's likely compatible with any Android distro as well.

@VickyRampin I recently got a Pixel 6, which is working well, has nice features, and is relatively future-proof, and is mid-range in cost as smartphones go.

@naga @VickyRampin I'm using the Pro, which just has a better camera and larger screen. Would heartily recommend the non-pro. You can use Graphene OS or another privacy friendly OS on it too (eg Calyx)

@VickyRampin as much as I don't like the bloat ware it came with and lack of SD card slot, my Samsung Galaxy S5 mini served me well for half a decade! Before that I had a Motorola thing that was also good. Your market is much different from mine, so all I have is an odd bit of advice: Watch out for "waterproof" phones.

They're waterproofed by filling the whole case with a tough epoxy, meaning the only way to repair them would be to dig all that epoxy out. They're even common in the mid-budget bracket.

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