no one wants to talk about the active war between two non-human species & the active world war between humans in stardew and i think about both a lot

@VickyRampin also wtf is UP with Mr. Qi?

that dude has way too much money, resource, and power

@platypus @VickyRampin i sort of thought stardew was just, like, vaguely SFnal cozy farming or something

@platypus @brennen my dream podcast is talking about all this video game lore because there is a LOT going on lol

stardew's whole universe and history is so VAST and there is some real dark shit in there (also a character who has alcohol abuse disorder who you literally save from poisoning at one point)

@platypus @VickyRampin @brennen I mean it's like MOSTLY that but then yeah like Vicky's saying it'll suddenly throw some very heavy/specific lore or character arc at you that's easy to gloss over b/c then the sim comes out of a cutscene and just returns to its regularly-scheduled vegetable growth

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