@VickyRampin "Boostrap" might be the cutest possible typo considering the context.

@VickyRampin Nice! What kind of business are you about to set up if I may ask?

@xldrkp oh its not a business just our personal git server (gitea is the hosting platform we use - gitea.io/)

@VickyRampin OK, thanks. Why did you choose gitea over GitLab for self-hosting your personal projects?

@xldrkp actually @remram44 decided and I went with it. why did you decide that Rémi? because it's lighter weight I assume

@remram44 @VickyRampin That's true. I wonder if one can use something like GitHub Actions or GitLab Pipelines with gitea.

@xldrkp I believe you can use Drone or SourceHut Builds though I haven't tried yet

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