Got an email from NYU admin about pivoting to remote finals listing options, this was the last option listed -

> The University is testing a browser lock-down tool called Respondus, which prevents the student from accessing other software or data on their computer.

*mega frown*

@VickyRampin what purpose could that possibly serve? Preventing copy/paste?

@edsu yeah I think so?? i cannot relate to these faculty who love being cops tbh

@edsu Basically yes - also prevents looking stuff up via a browser, using a calculator or other solving tool, KVM sharing (e.g. with an off-site compatriot who can enter answers for a person taking a test). Also breaks a number of remote management tools used by lots of places for PC management.


@edsu @VickyRampin Prevents you from looking up answers or colluding with your peers, the same way you can't look up answers or consult with others in Real Life.

Oh and it only blocks you on that one computer. But nobody has a phone or tablet or another computer that they could use instead, right? Oh wait they do? Oh, then it sounds like you need to level up to Proctorio which uses a web cam to watch you and AI to flag suspicious neuroatypical behaviour!


@VickyRampin Some of the classes at the CC where I work use Respondus. It's mildly annoying, keeps honest students honest, and can be worked around by imaginative tech and non-tech folks alike.

@rowens thanks for this perspective, I just think kinda blanketly that anti-cheating software like that is too much surveillance and at some point, the assessment needs to change

@VickyRampin Strongly agree. One of the best instructors I ever had gave us take-home tests over weekends, with the explicit intent that if we didn't understand the material beforehand, we'd (hopefully!) understand it at the end. He encouraged use of our notes, textbooks, etc., the only restriction being no collaboration with other people.

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