i did a temp check with my students today and it's confirmed, we're all fucking tired

now trying to catch up on my cryptography homework (the class i'm TAKING, the other one i'm TEACHING)

gonna listen to Avril Lavigne's first two albums because they are auditory comfy blankets to me

what are y'alls favourite comforting things?

@VickyRampin @pixouls Anything Chali 2na has ever recorded. Also, anything Steve Roach has put his name on. 💜

@CyberpunkLibrarian @VickyRampin @pixouls Bernstein playing Rhapsody in Blue. Zero 7's album "Futures". Mingus' "Ah Um". Almost any Monk. My playlist of fav Paul Simon tracks.

@CyberpunkLibrarian @VickyRampin @pixouls oh and def "Maiden Voyage". possibly the most comfy blanket (with a stormy midsection) I can imagine really.

@djsundog @VickyRampin @pixouls OH DAMMIT.

I’ve not listened to Rhapsody in Blue in an age. That’s going on tomorrow’s rotation.

@Lady @djsundog

ask my husband how much I listen to Country Roads L O L i love that it's first on the list!

@VickyRampin Alternating between listening to Steve Roach and listening to 1990s death metal. This album in particular is very comforting because it's just so damn good:

Also watching death metal drummer drum cams.

@VickyRampin My room is painted red. My couch and ottoman are red. My curtains are red. My bed is red. My rug is red. My lights, when I choose, are red.

I can just sit by myself and bathe in it.

@VickyRampin I had to grade two theses that ended up requiring plagiarism reports yesterday, on top of a bunch of annoying administrative tasks. So the evening was drinking 40yo Armagnac while singing along to Cousteaux. After that, just listening to everything from thrash metal to Bach while ordering some cello sheet music. 🤣

@mplouffe oh no plagiarism reports are the WORST!

but what a way to unwind!!

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