writing job ads is HARD

what are some of the things i should 100% avoid doing that aren't obvious?

(obvious being, "remote/hybrid friendly", not asking for a unicorn, not giving 1 person 12 jobs, etc)

@VickyRampin From my experience: say the job is remote / hybrid and then concentrate on the on-site conveniences and culture.

That's a red-flag to me that you're not looking for remote workers.

@VickyRampin Also if a job has specific things that are required list them and only them in the requirements section. These should be deal-breaker requirements. If you show up and don't have this then we can't hire you for this position.

Also don't go off of the person that left. Too often I've read job postings that tell me that someone who started in the 1990s and grew into the position left and the organization is wanting continuity more than someone else who can grow.

@craigmaloney @VickyRampin Bugbear of mine: specifically don't make it mandatory to have a particular degree as a shorthand for having a particular set of skills, just put the actual skills and experience.

By all means suggest that you think those are skills someone with a degree in X might have, just don't make it a hard requirement. Same goes for "degree or equivalent experience", because honestly, what does that even mean?

@petrichor I said "MLIS/equiv degree, or 3+ years experience doing similar work"

What do you think?

@petrichor by 'equiv' degree I mean similar degree I guess like, MSIS or MA/MS in archival studies/science

@VickyRampin I like "doing similar work" because you (presumably) make it clear elsewhere in the job profile what the work is going to be? I might be stealing that phrase... :BlobCatCoffee:

@VickyRampin I feel like I saw a google doc at some point with suggestions on this -- Allana? Schomj? someone? posted it?

@VickyRampin lmk if you wanna chat / brainstorm! we’re hiring for a digital … librarian? Archivist? Curation specialist? Idk

@sam I have a draft so I'd love comments/brainstorms! thi posish was originally was going to be 'software curation librarian' (the position doesn't sit in our archives/special colls) but was told by HR late in the game that I can't use 'librarian' so I'm going with 'software curation specialist' now

@VickyRampin .. open to contracts/projects I look for a focused, concise write up, not a long toiletpaper roll list of 50 different responsibilities as appears customary for many F/T postings. Balance what the client needs with what the client is giving in return. Also loathe to see the wording "fast paced", "multi-tasking" ... tells me a co doesn't take the time to properly plan and is an unfocused trainwreck. Some thoughts off the top of my head 😜 Curious to see a sample & reply 🤔

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