!!! my e-ink watch arrived today !!

can't wait to put this together!!

it's the Watchy --

@VickyRampin How did you manage to get one of these? I thought they were only available for pre-order right now! *jealous*

@jrc03c oh I backed it the INSTANT I saw it...I follow the e-ink news closely XD

@VickyRampin ooooooo :blobcatpeek:

does it do phone-watch integration? i can see a bluetooth icon on the default display, will it show notifications and stuff

also doesn't seem like it's waterproof, which imho is kind of a problem for something you wear on your wrist? although if you wash your hands a little less often than i do you might be okay :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@00dani yeah it's not waterproof, but I rarely get water from handwashing on the top of my wrist?

@VickyRampin I was tempted, even though i still have a working pebble.

@VickyRampin very exciting, what's the battery life on these look like?

@Vopo it has pretty low battery consumption and a 200 mAh battery, I'm not sure about # days/hours just yet and they don't have that info on their docs

they have a comparison chart here with other watches too that has some specs:

@VickyRampin power-saving programmable watches are much more useful than smart watches. I'd like an MCU with architecture supported by LLVM though.

@VickyRampin looks super! I'm glad I caught this on my radar - already thinking of the endless possibilities.

@VickyRampin read people's tips about assembly before you do it yourself! It was kind of tricky and the official instructions weren't accurate any more as of last month when I got mine

@68km eeeeee shit it's too late! but everything is functional so i don't think i messed up too bad

@VickyRampin oh well I'm sure you got a handle on it. Is the screen protector cloudy? I need to reapply mine one more time because the edges aren't making a full connection and there's some glare

@VickyRampin Let us know how it turns out! It looks super cool!

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