Hey fellow academics! I'm considering buying a #remarkable2. I could use feedback on how usable it is for conducting paper #reviews, especially for double column papers, which are notoriously annoying to read on (other) #ebook readers. TIA! #academiclife


@zacchiro omg the bat signal for remarkable is up again!

@platypus @The_BFOOL @ashley

I use mine every single day and it's the best. It's also Linux and you can customize your experience a lot: github.com/reHackable/awesome-

@zacchiro the four of us (@platypus @The_BFOOL @ashley) are always tooting to each other about how great our remarkables are XD I have some tweets showing off functionality, I can DM on birbsite

@VickyRampin @zacchiro @The_BFOOL @ashley yep, I was just using it earlier to a) read an article which is otherwise quite hard to read, b) read a book my therapist assigned to me.

@platypus @VickyRampin @zacchiro @ashley I have never really tried it specifically with two-column papers - but it is excellent for document review/markup in general and the most recent pinch-to-zoom updates on PDFs are quite smooth IMHO, if the problem is usually text size (I also never had an e-reader, so I don't really have much to compare to!)

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