Hi @VickyRampin! I'd like to ask you a question about #Taguette. Two of my BA students need to analyze transcripts of interviews they have conducted. I would like to introduce them to #Taguette. Although it would be possible and easy for them to set up two local installations, I'd prefer one web-based and Docker-based installation for them. The only thing that I worry about is how to secure this installation from data loss. Do you have any experiences with that?

@xldrkp hey, that's great! thanks for thinking of Taguette and reaching out. Do you mean security in a sysadmin sense or more best practices around backups, etc.?

@VickyRampin First of all I mean backups and best practices of daily jobs to secure the work one has done. The sysadmin stuff will be alright I guess as we would host Taguette on university servers.


@xldrkp if your university's IT is managing the server and doing the sysadmining, they should have a schedule for backups. You should ask them if they do and if not, ask them to make backups every day or every other day, or however frequently the student's will be working on the project.

If the students are backing up things up on their own, they should backup the Taguette database as often as they work. I use Duplicati to configure my backups: duplicati.com/

@xldrkp there's import and export of projects too now, so they can always periodically export their project file (sqlite3 file) from the Taguette interface and keep it as a backup

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