do you all keep a diary/journal? if so, is it unstructured or structured?

@VickyRampin I don't usually keep a diary or journal but I'm currently working on forming a daily journal through my internship period that I plan to refine into a set series of prompts. I'm keeping my journal here on futureland:
In my first entry, i talk about sources of inspiration for structured approaches, but the first to entries i've made so far, they've both been unstructured

This is what the daily journal of the founder of futureland looks like:

@VickyRampin i keep a personal journal in paper notebooks. i write dates like "Tuesday, June 8ᵗʰ, 2021" at the start of an entry and underline it. sometimes i add stuff to this all day, sometimes i go weeks in-between entries. misc. bits of paper go in pocket at the back of the notebook.

i also use vimwiki's diary feature for working notes. 1 entry / day, mostly lists smaller log entries (datestamp, title, and a few sentences each, with links to relevant topics), calendar events, and TODOs.

@VickyRampin I started keeping a visual journal this year. I'm using a Slingshot organiser, which is laid out as a planner: I draw a doodle/sketch in the space laid out for each day's plans.

@VickyRampin no but during times of stress, I’d do “morning pages” which is writing anything for 3 pages before anything else in the day, but you aren’t supposed to re-read, so it serves a different purpose entirely I think?

@Greg @VickyRampin there’s like a whole book on it! But you don’t need the book, that’s basically it

@VickyRampin @pixouls I do something fairly close to a bullet journal in paper pocket notebooks. I also keep a (sporadically maintained) running work log in a text file. That’s semi-structured.

not a journal per se :

☆ todo lists with app ( F-droid ) grouped by tags so it works like a journal for personal recurring stuffs ( never deleted )
☆ freeplane to "record" ideas, "enrich/annotate" them and link them together

@VickyRampin I have a journal for research notes, page layouts, and sketches. It isn't particularly structured.

@VickyRampin a bit of both... It's a mixture of bullet journal techniques, calendar of last resort, ad hoc habit tracking, project notes in process, brain dumps, and sheer spite.

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