Anyone have reccs for home printers that don't take too much space, and can scan and print from Linux with relative ease? AKA no printers that need a specific app to print.

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@VickyRampin I went with the Brother MFC-L2750DW recently (bought in December). It's not small but it has a scanner bed and a document feeder for scanning. And does duplex. Got it for $150, too, which was about the max I was willing to spend.

@Greg @VickyRampin We have the Brother MFC-8680 DFN. Can confirm that the Brother drivers work, but they do feel like a bit like they're doing magic to make things work (e.g.: not sure I trust them to not introduce holes in the system, but they work.

Network scanning works as well.

@craigmaloney @VickyRampin oh, I should add:

I recently got a new work laptop and I didn't install ANY brother website drivers and A) The printer just magically showed up in the Print dialog (thanks GNOME!) and B) scanning "just worked" with the default scanner app in GNOME.

Full disclosure: I'm running Debian Bullseye (the next release) because I needed an updated kernel with this fancy new laptop (Lenovo x1 carbon gen 8).

@VickyRampin I have a Brother HL-1110 that does well under Linux. Brother also make all-in-ones like the DCP-L2510D. Maybe take a look at the ones supported by this driver:

@VickyRampin I've generally had decent luck with Brother, Epson, and Canon printers (never bought nor used HP printers).

I personally have a Canon Pixma MX 490 ( which works well without too much trouble. It's reasonably(?) compact and is a multifunction (scanner/fax/printer) - I've done scanning using scanimage (from the terminal) which surprisingly works. Printing works well, but no duplex support built-in (if that matters to you).

@VickyRampin No specific models, just a general comment: if you can swing it, a laser printer that speaks postscript is great - it'll handle just about anything, and plenty of software will work with it, esp. if you grab a .ppd file for the printer. Not a requirement by any means, you can find great printers without PS, but PS support makes life easier in the long run, IMHO.

@VickyRampin I have the HP 425 MFP. I don't have any drivers just use Airscan and IPP. May be bigger than you want.

One feature I like is that it can scan directly to PDFs on a thumb drive. So I scan documents, put them in a pile to shred, and archive them every so couple weeks.

@VickyRampin I have an Epson XP 830 series printer, printing worked with just open source packages from the Debian repositories. Network scanning needed Epson proprietary imagescan drivers.

Though the printer supports directly scanning to PDF if you plug one of several kinds of memory stick into it.

I do sometimes have dreams that someone would design an open hardware inkjet printer that doesn't use DRMed ink cartridges.

@VickyRampin I have a Brother laser printer that just works (Debian stable), but since most laser printers pose a hazard to your lungs, I'm going to replace it with an Epson inkjet sooner or later.

Some of these have drivers with a free license (GPL):

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