If I start using LibCal Appointments to schedule all my 1:1 meetings going forward (like, professionally), do you think that would be weird? It's basically Calendly. It's connected to my calendar and Zoom so there's no chance of double booking and each meeting gets its own Zoom link.

If you emailed me asking to meet and I replied with my LibCal appointments link, would you consider it:

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@VickyRampin completely depends on the org culture. If I got that from an internal person at Wikimedia I would laugh/begrudgingly do it because we're 100% a google shop. So using the built-in gcal meeting scheduling features are standard practice.

But, I deal with those kinds of services when interacting with third-parties (contractors etc) all the time, so it's not a deal breaker, obviously.

@VickyRampin I think it would be weird within my organization, which uses GSuite for Education, so everyone's calendars should be synced for free time search etc. Going to LibCal would make it harder for me to check my own calendar.

But outside of the organization? Sure, that makes sense, as long as you provide a little context (basically your "It's connected to..." sentence).

@dbs @VickyRampin agreed with Dan on this. we're a mixed O365 (staff/faculty[?]) and gapps (students) campus. i would be annoyed if i had to use libcal to schedule a coworker's time.

@anarchivist @dbs what about if it was me, someone from an outside org, sending you my link to find a meeting time?

@VickyRampin I would have probably done what I just did.

Searched for what libcal was, determined its a calendaring service for libraries and gone oh that makes sense.

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