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thank you back to everyone wishing Remi and I well after our marriage!! There are so many of you and we are so touched :blobcatlove:

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HELLO! I used to be Vicky Steeves, then @remram44 and I got married, so now I'm Vicky Rampin, so I'm doing another

I'm a librarian focusing on research reproducibility + research data management.
I gave an interview about me/my work:

I love FOSS, open access, open educational resources, open EVERYTHING

I hate the corporate capture of scholarship

I also love my super cute black cat Little Boss

Lazy web query -- are there any cultures where sharing food is NOT a major component?

may or may not have bought this e-ink open source smart watch that I just came across:

A book in the spirit of "Is Gwyneth Paltrow wrong about everything?"

But it's called "Is Elon Musk wrong about everything?"

the replies to this reasonable take hurt my soul. creatives really think copyright helps them and can't imagine a system that instead provides needs. they also believe that art in the public domain has no value. most art in museums is in the public domain. it's... very valuable. (birdsite link)

the copyright lobby has done such a good job expressing the idea that corporate greed helps everyone that believes they might get rich maybe someday.

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authors: if copyright was only 30 years, what if my novel gets successful when I'm 65? I'll starve!!

me: if I archive this inaccessible thing and make it digitally accessible, will I be fined my entire life savings? well I go to jail?

the automatic assumption that your PhD is worth more than our MLIS/MIS/years of experience is what pisses people off, SHOCKER!

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There's a good thread about PhD havers in academic libraries on the birbsite:

when people get mad about PhD havers & GLAM work, I can guarantee you that it's the PhD havers who think they can walk in and do our job on day 1 and have no respect for the field and NOT just anyone who happens to have the degree. a lot of GLAM work is 2nd career for people and that's totally ok. the sad thing is in GLAMs, you get A LOT of the former PhD haver type & it hurts our work a lot.

information science is the umbrella term for a range of disciplines that include both data science and library science, as well as like health informatics, HCI, and some parts of archival science.

are you for/against this statement?

I don't remember what it's like to not be tired all the time.

just found a paper from undergrad where I argued weed should be legal based on John Stuart Mill’s principle of non-interference :blimey:

I did have this good tidbit in there tho:

> Marijuana was made illegal federally in 1937, due mainly to racism.

my software engineering professor is talking about 9/11 and I have no idea why 😥

Scully worries about alien viruses. Mulder confuses mythic creatures for his sister.

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