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Vanessa @Vanessa

I've now dropped food on myself enough times that I've begun to wonder if I'm secretly in a food fight.
With myself.

Look, I know it isn't cool to use commercial software, but I really appreciate a lot of things about Matlab. And ... I sort of use it almost every day... and often it's fun... and I regret nothing. I'm glad we had this talk.

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Mastodon Tips:
1. You can send a DM by clicking the little globe and switching it to "direct"
2. You can set a content warning on toots, which makes their text hidden until the reader chooses to expand it
3. You can use the connections you form on here to make lifelong friendships and seize the means of production

@Angle hee. Okay that makes sense. :)

@Angle where can I look to understand your project? Is part of the problem that I'm looking at it on my phone or are things currently functional on mobile?

@creatrixtiara I hope all of this resolves in the best possible way and you aren't stuck with any unpleasant consequences. Sending lots of positive thoughts. Also: Your reverse strip performance is such an amazing concept.

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I'm super excited to already be in bed. Especially now that Spangle has curled up on me. Woo! Friday night! Zzzzzzz.....

@Nafrondel There has been a fair bit of death in my dreams lately. The other night I was illegally inside some giant machinery and pretending to be a robot to not be caught. I wasn't very good at it. I was trying to stop the CEO (of the machinery? I don't really know) who was catching people in light orbs and killing them with lasers. My dreaming brain was apparent in the mood for creating some super low quality scifi. It was riveting within the dream but trash outside of it. :)

@Nafrondel Ha! I visited Wales once when one of my friends was a professor at a small university in the northern part. I liked it enough that I'd be happy to return some time. Although I'm not sure what that really says.

I am definitely an online glasses shopping convert now. 3 pairs for way less than the last time I bought just one.

Last night I dreamt of reanimating corpses, with an electrical invention, so we could chat. And then we ( the corpses and me ) all went grocery shopping together.

@creatrixtiara that is super interesting to look through!

The toot I just boosted is a spreadsheet made by @creatrixtiara listing LGBTQ laws in the Muslim world.

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That thing where you should probably go to sleep but you keep listening to that song just one more time.