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La mairie du 5e arrondissement, taken during a night stroll with the young deity who lives above the noodle shop.

Keeping a cozy basket on my desk was a brilliant move. ❤️

Spangle snoozing happily after a tough day of going to the vet. (Just for standard tests. Both she and Taco have early stage kidney disease which requires monitoring.)

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I only like that meme because of the amazing conclusion

Taco enjoys curling up behind your legs and hugging your foot. ❤️

Paris by night: the Panthéon.

(I enjoy long evening walks with tripods.)

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Bacteria have wifi!

Süel and other scientists are now finding that bacteria in biofilms can also talk to one another electrically. Biofilms appear to use electrically charged particles to organize and synchronize activities across large expanses..

He focused on ion channels — specialized molecules that nestle into cells’ outer membranes and ferry electrically charged particles in and out. Ion channels are probably most famous for their role in nerve cells, or neurons.

I made an instagram account for Taco and Spangle. You're welcome to follow it, if you're in that, though honestly I'm probably going to cross post every thing to here.