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"Tu es trรจs jolie." (Slowly makes hourglass shape with hands) "Est-ce que tu fais du burlesque?"

Pro tip: The key to having no problem remembering your assigned seat is for it to match your bra size.

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hey, I'm putting together a bibliography of research on the experiences of #queer and/or #trans people in #STEM fields, if anybody's interested in that.

Current version is here (see how short it is... research is scarce):

The list is heavy on stuff about physics academia, because that's where I am & could find sources. But if you know of other good shit out there, please tell me-- it doesn't need to be about physics or about about academia specifically.

Apparently I'm the sort of nerd who is moved to tears by downloading a neurology article if the author was Oliver Sacks.

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millenials, lining the streets of the cities, staring captivated into their smart-phone screens, gazes fixed on the unearthly eyes of their void-friends, refusing to look at your advertising, why won't they look at your advertising

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millenials, buying avocado to spite you, flooding the streets with their vape-smoke, clubbing into the dead hours of the night, chanting "socialism" by the unearthly glow of the moon, refusing to buy your products

@DaveHiggins noooooo! That is the opposite of what I need.

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migraines and butts Show more

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I've now dropped food on myself enough times that I've begun to wonder if I'm secretly in a food fight.
With myself.

Look, I know it isn't cool to use commercial software, but I really appreciate a lot of things about Matlab. And ... I sort of use it almost every day... and often it's fun... and I regret nothing. I'm glad we had this talk.

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Mastodon Tips:
1. You can send a DM by clicking the little globe and switching it to "direct"
2. You can set a content warning on toots, which makes their text hidden until the reader chooses to expand it
3. You can use the connections you form on here to make lifelong friendships and seize the means of production

@Angle hee. Okay that makes sense. :)

@Angle where can I look to understand your project? Is part of the problem that I'm looking at it on my phone or are things currently functional on mobile?

@creatrixtiara I hope all of this resolves in the best possible way and you aren't stuck with any unpleasant consequences. Sending lots of positive thoughts. Also: Your reverse strip performance is such an amazing concept.

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I'm super excited to already be in bed. Especially now that Spangle has curled up on me. Woo! Friday night! Zzzzzzz.....