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I post about my cats more than anything, I think.

I’m a machine learning (specifically neural net architectures) and music technology researcher. I do a lot of work with movement analysis and motion capture.

I normally keep the work of my photographer alter ego, Veronika von Volkova, separate, but on mastodon I post everything in one place.

You can read more about my research (and how Veronika fits in) in these interview chunks from a few years ago:

bare-chested selfie with corset 

Something new for my Damaged series, that I once again did a tonne of editing to only to pare it all back down to just this. I guess sometimes modifying it heavily and finding it isn’t what I want lets me see what was good about it in the first place?

(Also hey what's up sorry I'm terrible and am never around I just get overwhelmed a lot but I'm trying.)

I have just made a box plot that I am very pleased with and desire high-fives. I will attempt to get them from cats via strategic string wiggling.

rambling about sleep vs todo list 

Okay. I went through and did all the reviewer requirements that I was feeling anxious about making time for (uploading all my papers for the automated matching system, bidding on papers to review, etc) and now maybe I can do sleeping? Even though it is super helpfully already 10am. Hmm. Or do I stay up, get dressed and get a couple errands done and *then* sleep? Hmm. There really are just 2 key things I must get done today ... and the relevant places are open.

nude self portrait - possibly suggestive? 

Failing to sleep so I got up to have a snack and also to share this photo of my butt with you. 💙💙💙

Health (-) 

These are my migraine stats for 2018 and 2017.
I know this looks bad. And, okay, it isn’t great. But I have endured worse and overall my mood is good and I’m coping well.
I wanted to share these stats because I don’t want anyone to wonder if I'm avoiding them.
The migraines are not evenly distributed, so if I’ve ever excitedly told you that I hadn’t had a migraine all week and then promptly disappeared, now you know what happened.
(I do actually sleep; I track it with a different app.)

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Non-reproductive sexual contact is only weird if people tell you it's weird. Intimacy that isn't restricted to two partners is only weird if people tell you it's weird. Kinda think maybe it's been a scam this whole time you guys

Nudity #selfie 

I had such a hard time figuring this image out. I had several rounds of editing and discarding.
The last round, I kept thinking "needs more trees" every time I opened the image. I put in layer after layer of trees, expanded it, added a mirrored copy, and mixed in more colours. Then last evening I opened it up and started removing things until I was all the way back down to this. No trees. No mirrored twin. No expanded canvas. Just a little damaged in sunlight and warm tones.

Been slowly working on a self portrait where each time I sit down and open it I think “needs more trees” and layer in some more.
Trees are my cowbell.

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I wrote something for all my girlfriends I've been trying to get on Mastodon the last, like, FOREVER.

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If you've had experience working with your doctor to document severe depression or similar issues for FMLA and/or disability certification I'd love to hear from you via DM. Boosts appreciated.

Ahhh, it is such a delight to once again have an evening of sitting around and liking everyone's cat photos. :blobsnuggle:


The latest of my damaged self portraits. I've come to much prefer 'damaged' to 'decaying' as a label for these. It feels a little more true to the visual style, and I like claiming a label that is sometimes used against people like me.

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It’s Pekoe’s birthday!!! 💞🎉💞
This was the closest I could get to her sitting still today.

She’s a whole year old. Such a fancy kitten. 💞💞💞

Lingerie (pretty tame though) 

Happy to finally have a new image to share.

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