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Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine does an excellent job of examining and synthesizing research on gender and debunking commonly held beliefs about aptitudes for mathematics and language. I'm planning to reread it soon and have been recommending it a lot recently. (I consumed it as an audio book, but I believe I saw a free PDF version at some point as well.)

@creatrixtiara minor typo #3: "You can boost other people's toots, which work like retweeting..." -> "You can boost other people's toots, which works like retweeting..."

@creatrixtiara minor typo #2: "...which can be refreshing if you're of just screaming..." -> "...which can be refreshing if you're tired of just screaming..."

@creatrixtiara minor typo: "...overwhelmingly white, asides from a strong presence of users from Japan..." -> "...overwhelmingly white, aside from a strong presence of users from Japan..."

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#Brazil Racist #Facebook comments appear on billboards near users' homes

'...The group identifies offensive remarks, locates the places where the comments were posted using geotag tools, and then displays them on billboards near those locations. The names and faces of the authors are blurred to keep their identities private...'

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@creatrixtiara my entire photographic life (including alter ego) is that - I always wanted a camera and while my parents could trivially afford one, they considered it an inappropriate interest and a waste of time.

Ah yes good. Spilling water all over my desk was just what in needed. Yes everything is great now. 😐

That migraine got way worse before the first band would theoretically have finished so I'm super glad I stayed home. I'm grateful for triptans and pleased to be in bed listening to the rain.

Feeling nonsensically guilty for not attending a show due to very mild migraine. It makes no sense. No one is going to mind, and it would obviously make me more sick to drag myself over and attend. But still having a hard time shaking the feeling that I should try harder somehow today. It's entirely illogical.

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Support a trans woman and my work by grabbing my music on Bandcamp & this Friday Bandcamp will toss their cut of sales over to the Transgender Law Center

I heard you like supporting trans people so now you can support trans people while supporting trans people

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on your list of bandcamp buys for today, add my coworker's band, DC feminist punk outfit Hemlines:

on top of the Trans Law donation Bandcamp is making, Hemlines is donating 100% of their share for today to Casa Ruby

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My behemoth article about pan-Asian responses to Taiwan's same-sex marriage ruling is up!

This is possibly the longest, most in-depth thing I've written (that's not a NaNoWriMo novel) so I'd appreciate shares, comments, and reads!

Thank you :D

Super soft lace body suit. 💙 (Image is pretty tame but marked sensitive for glimpse of nipples. But am I just giving in to the unreasonable and imbalanced standards of the most prude social media? Or is there some utility to doing so here? I guess there are people in some countries who unfortunately have work environments where it is a problem?)

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this Friday, Bandcamp is donating 100% of every sale to the #Transgender Law Center. there are several Mastodon musicians on there, myself included, that would also appreciate the support.

more info:

my label:
my own work:

one of those tracks (att leva och dö i norden) was in support of a transgender friend via a label of another transgender friend, but it seems deleted :(

#mastoart #art #experimental #music

Would you find my absence easier to forgive if my face were perfectly symmetrical?

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"Tu es très jolie." (Slowly makes hourglass shape with hands) "Est-ce que tu fais du burlesque?"

Pro tip: The key to having no problem remembering your assigned seat is for it to match your bra size.

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hey, I'm putting together a bibliography of research on the experiences of #queer and/or #trans people in #STEM fields, if anybody's interested in that.

Current version is here (see how short it is... research is scarce):

The list is heavy on stuff about physics academia, because that's where I am & could find sources. But if you know of other good shit out there, please tell me-- it doesn't need to be about physics or about about academia specifically.