I've been trying out the YouTube Music app this week and it's got a feature where it recommends playlists based on your location. Except, in parts of my flat, it always says "Looks like you're at the gym".

Fun fact: I will *never* be at the gym.

I'm staying at my parents house for the weekend and this horror is what I can see from my bed...

Anyway, despite how things played out, I still sorta love the idea of creating a broadcaster to help build a true European public sphere and, maybe, one day, it's time will come.

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The most interesting piece I've found on Europa TV was this introduction to a presentation at an academic conference from a couple of years ago: fiatifta.org/wp-content/upload

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Apparently, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision has at least 150 hours of footage from the channel in its archive. I'd love to get a look at some of that! I also want to see some examples of their schedules (because, again, I am boring).

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I've not found many clips of Europa TV floating around online. though you can watch their absurbly maudlin final closedown after it all went to shit: youtube.com/watch?v=YsgnwoaVW2 and there's some bits accompanying this article: blog.euscreen.eu/2018/11/europ

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Also, it sounds like NOS were the only broadcaster who took the project seriously (Europa TV was based in their facilities in Hilversum). The others kinda half-arsed it and may not have paid in their full financial contributions to the project.

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It only survived on-air for just over a year before running out of cash. By the end, there was a lack of advertisers (I guess fewer companies were looking to run big mulit-national ad campaigns 35 years ago).

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In the mid-80s, the EBU formed a consortium with five of its members (NOS, ARD, RTE, RAI, and RTP) to launch a satellie channel. It was part funded by the European Commission and the aim, in part, seems to have been to help build a European identity.

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Sometimes. because I'm incredibly boring and get excited by the prospect of closer European integration, I think about what would happen if the EBU worked with its members to form a proper pan-European public broadcaster.

Turns out, they already had a go at this. And failed.

FWIW, I spent some time at the weekend trawling through Redbubble for mask designs I liked. Some very cool options out there. Looking forward to receiving my picks (ones inspired by Mondrian and Magritte, one with a TV test card design, and one with a pic of the @NationalTheatre) soon!

Channel 5 have shunted the title-deciding race off to Spike (and, therefore, off HD) so they can show Dirty Dancing again. So poor.

It's 23:30 and someone in my building is hoovering. Someone in my building is clearly broken.

Was having a cursory look at some travel guides last night for a trip I've got booked in May. I've already seen four museums that I definitely need to visit. I think my schedule is going to get pretty packed by the time May rolls around.

*Tentatively pushes door open*

"Hello? Who's there?"

So... who are the the interesting follows round these parts?

My bio is a decent summing up of my interests: " lover, Studio devotee, /#motorsport fan, left-winger, Green Party member, trade unionist (PCS), Northamptonian, European"


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