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why the fuck is amazon showing ads in between episodes on amazon prime video

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Reposted from birdsite:

Anna and I have both been laid off, but we're turning it into an opportunity. We're ramping up our freelance work so we can start a business.

I do writing, creative direction, design, and system development.

Anna does writing, editing, and proofing.

Hit us up or share please.

So in light of this identity revelation, I decided to release tonights C64 chiptune under this new handle. Why the hell not.

Maybe I should change my handle to CRANKSY.

Because I like bikes and I'm always cranky.

I started out the day sloshing through slow doom metal riffs through a Boss Hyper-Fuzz into a ProCo Rat, then got on the computer instead and made cheesy chip music. I can't seem to focus on any one thing these days.

I was trying to figure out GoatTracker a bit today and slapped together a silly little tune. I put it online if anyone wants to laugh at me.

Anyone around here use GoatTracker? For SID music, you sillies. :angery:

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i bought a huge bag of candy and no trick or treaters have come. what the fuck am i going to do with all this candy

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@Troll it's too bad, I'm so tired of desk work.

Shameless self promotion to follow:

Who doesn't like Ministry and Gabber put together?

trying to Meshuggah like stuff in an old tracker with random samples, not as cool as you would think

Riding a bike in full on thick suede bundhosen isn't the most comfortable thing.

For my and / fans. I participated in a few One Hour Compos on IRC last night and today. The first time in probably 15 years or so. I thought it would be fun to upload some rips of those over on my bandcamp. Clicky on over and enjoy, if that's your sort of deal.

To put an exclamation point on my previous post about wearing bike helmets. Ahem...

Reminder to all, wear your helmets on your bikes!

The huge cracks and scraps in my helmet, after this weekends most recent crash, just riding along, caught the front wheel in a small gap in the pavement and smashed shoulder and head first into the ground in an instant. I got up and rode the rest of the way home despite a bruised rib and some scrapes because of my now destroyed helmet. Someone loves you, just do it.

I decided to play around with the old original ST-01 samplepak. Came up with a silly 4 channel .MOD style tune with it.

or a direct download of the .IT module file for those that are inclined.

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