What I should do: study for my stats final. What I want to do: write Python programs that solve all my stats problems for me.

I have been studying so hard for my stats exam that I honestly have no idea what to do with myself now that it’s over.

Notes from stats class: the way I know I'm still a historian, not a math person, is that I think the most interesting question about Student's t-distribution is how William Sealy Gosset negotiated being an Englishman living and working in Dublin from 1899 to 1935.

The problem with being properly hydrated is needing to pee all the time.

I have done all the extra practice problems for my stats class, and I need about 30 more extra practice problems. I am about to be that student who asks the prof for more homework.

I'm doing scary things from the command line, and I can't decide if I'm a badass or if I'm about to destroy my computer. Or both. But probably neither.

The homework for my stats class involves drawing pie charts by hand, and I can't decide if it would be compulsive to go buy a compass and protractor. I'm pretty sure she expects us to freehand it, and I'm pretty sure she expects us to be better at drawing circles and guessing angles than I am.

This is such a dumb question that I hesitate to ask it in public: what kind of coding things are there to do if you don't enjoy design? I don't think I'd be good at app development or front-end web development, because I'm not great at making things look good.

I am taking a stats class this semester. Today, my somewhat terrifying graphic calculator arrived, and now I must figure out how to use it. First challenge is getting it out of the packaging.

I’ve been knitting for about 12 years, and I just bought a swift and ball-winder. Tried them out tonight, and I can confidently say that I should have done that approximately 11.5 years ago.

I’m taking an extended break from my ADHD meds, because I’m visiting family in a country where stimulants are way illegal, even with a prescription. I’m functioning ok, maybe because I don’t actually have to do much. Will be interested to see how I feel when I get back home and take my pills again.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! Happy End of the Christmas Season to all of us who don’t!

I have a migraine aura. I'm wondering if I should go home. No headache (yet), but I don't have anything to do that doesn't require me to look at stuff.

Brag: I am already working on my year-end performance review, which is my absolute most hated work task, and it is not even due for a month. I have also not yet said anything snarky, although I have been tempted.

I am going to brag here, because it would be unseemly to brag anywhere else: I got an A+ in my CS class this semester. I actually don't feel like I totally understood the concepts, but I think that may just be that I've hit the point where Dunning-Kruger stops working.

My gutters are totally clean. I am a champion at adulting!

Tomorrow I will get up on a ladder and clean out my gutters. I am seriously a grownup now.

True fact: I would rather just do the whole project myself than do a group project.

I am going to have to adjust to a world where people don't read email.

On the downside, the whole world sucks. On the upside, my new swift and ball-winder just arrived in the mail.

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