Am I allowed to send an Octodon-invite to myself and use it for me? I want to change name/handle.

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I guess the most Russian thing to do would be to somehow sacrifice some huge national resource — probably people, in order to protect everyone else from global warming. probably as a result of something the Americans did wrong

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I just realized the most American thing the US could do is in about five years time, make a sudden U-Turn and with huge publicity pull together a last minute chaotic moonshot-style geoengineering project to fix global warming, *actually succeed*, and then make sure the history all says how great the US was in the climate war, much to everybody else’s profound irritation

I mean, I’d be pissed too but ok if they pull that off

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Please let trans people write things that are challenging and even kind of fucked up without harassing them off the internet

Capture One is like Apple Aperture, but with slightly worse UI and much better RAW converter.

I think I can accept this.

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meta (+) 

@ben gender totally exists, but in that weird liminal way that language exists in that it's just kind of a thing people made up a while ago and no one can quite agree on it but old people are very against any attempts to examine or re-evaluate it.

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I've always thought nontangible work gets undervalued, so i tried something. I commissioned the printing of a book with my (admittedly not good) work. People immediately started offering way more. Like, DRASTIC changes.

Since then I've done shit like printing out site screenshots, and refused almost any job with a client who wouldn't meet in person.

if i could, i should have programmed objects. I used those nsfc stickers and my shit code got overvalued.


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Friend says "Yeah" and then burps several times, which sounds a bit like more words

Me: Did you forget to null-terminate the string

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@grainloom @garbados @jk
Right. We have two kinds of computers: the kind designed for people who love the worst parts of computers, and the kind designed for people who the designers assume cannot be trusted with the best parts of computers. This is because we don't distinguish between the best & worst parts.

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biggest problem with computers is they're still designed for people who like computers

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The anarchists never have claimed that liberty will bring perfection; they simply say that its results are vastly preferable to those that follow authority.
-- Benjamin Tucker

#anarchism #quote #bot

YouTuber BadMouseProductions has an interesting leftist critique of UBI here if your interested:

Rant: implicit tech elitism 

The tech industry ought to be ashamed over how hard it is to start coding, i.e: all the meta stuff around coding is way way harder than coding itself.

The only language/system I know that isn't utter garbage in this is Processing which is like “Download, install, write code, click the play button”.

It's a wonderful way to introduce people to programming!

Everything else is so difficult to setup that it alienates anyone who's curious about coding.

Which is just sad.

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Also (I'm told) a notification system designed to maximize interpersonal drama. If MySpace had won, it'd be just as bad as Facebook. The problem isn't who owns the social graph, it's that some commercial entity owns the social graph.

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Doesn't MySpace look totally benign now?All we had to complain about was overzealous styling and autoplay background music.

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I'm 6'2", but that doesn't mean I don't wanna be the lil spoon sometimes!! I'm a spoon switch

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Saying he was collecting material for an art project, the 31-year-old visual artist sneaked into a vault at a notorious private, run-for-profit university and quietly removed tuition contracts. Fried Potatoes – whose real name is Francisco Tapia – then burned the documents, rendering it nearly impossible for the Universidad del Mar to call in its debt – which he claimed was worth as much as $500m (£297m). “It’s over. You are all free of debt.”

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instead of alpha males we should call them early access males

Is this going to become another account where someone just complains about technology? Maybe. Or maybe it's just the beginning.

I really want to change back to Spotify (from Apple Music) since all of my friends are there. So giving it another go…

But, why do the artist view have to be so slow? When I click 'artist' I want to have a compact long list that shows up _instantly_ (as it does in Apple Music).

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